The ”Wrist candy” trend – tried and tested!

I am quite a lazy shopper. I shop online as much as I can because the sole thought of walking in to oxford street to buy new clothes is almost as attractive as drowning in cat poo. No thanks! That is why most of the day I spend in jeans and sneakers. First of all, I have a day job, second I don’t have friends who are professional photographers to follow me down the street as I try to keep steady on heels. Also, I am not naturally photogenic. Obviously I have Instagram and Facebook. All together I count over 200 000 followers which is great! But how do I keep these people entertained with my posts if I am always dressed the same?

Welcome tot he world of lazy fashionistas! The wrist candies!

Not sure if you guys noticed but wrist candies are taking over Instagram. It is very hard to scroll down my home page without noticing someones wrists at least every third photo. So what is wrist candy? Except it being a popular hashtag for showing of your ”wrist swag” and accessories , it is also a pretty nice and easy way of becoming a very specific type of fashion blogger – or should i say wrist blogger. Wrist candies are popular with women, but men are claiming this much more. Women love everything. We love the clothes, the bags, the shoes, accessories as well as hair and beauty, but when you are a dapper dressed man , well you like your watch. But this post won’t be dedicated to men – at least not yet.

On the days I am lazy -which is most of the days- I just decorate one of my hands and make sure I make it ”candy worthy”. The responses are awesome. My hands are not attractive, as a matter a fact a lot of people tease me I have ”witch” hands, but i don’t care I think they are awesome. I became posting my wrists more often , just to see the reactions of my followers. A lot of it is quite repeating, but I have never been much of a accessories person. A year ago I wouldn’t walk into a jewellery shop. I thought it is such a waste of money, but now i realise it is not. A nice watch on a man says a lot about him. It says wether he is a sporty guy, a fashion metrosexual, a serious business guy, a hippie or a bad boy. If he ads something to it – like a bracelet – it also said he likes to stand out or be different. What type of bracelet is he wearing? wooden, golden or fabric? I never paid attention to these things but lately I have been dragged in to this world of ”judging the book by it’s cover”. Of course that doesn’t mean you can judge someones personality or create stereotypes , but you sure can tell a lot about people’s lifestyle. When it comes to women it is the same; some of us like gold and sparkly, some like men’s watches, some like small and round and some square and big.

I prefer to wear things based on my mood. I don’t like big labels or patterns, as i consider my self to be a type of paradox. I wear everything very classical then kick it off with my wrist, or opposite.

But not to bore you off with too much writing – I do love to write sorry – Let’s get to analysing. As an example I will use myself, my dear boyfriend Charles and a couple of other people I found on Instragram.

These two photos:


My instagram

As you can notice in both photos I am using three same things. the watch , the Swarovski bracelet and the Swarovski ring, however these two are completely different because the style is different. Upper one is a bit more young, summery and colourful because i added le petite mignon bracelets in the mix , also I got a bit of tan and the background is more urban. This one was very popular with women aged 15 – 22 .


On the bottom one, I have a really nice manicure I got on my trip to Belgrade (Serbia) and just the Swarovski bracelet (gift from my mom for my birthday) and the Swarovski handmade ring -made by some Italian lady – that Charles got for my birthday  as well, during winter wonderland in London . This one is more classy, tidy, clean and photogrphed on a very clean background with lots of light. This one was loved by women aged 20 – 40 and even men! Men really liked the femininity of this photo much more then the upper ”quirky” one.


My instagram photo

One of the most popular wrist photos I did was this Henna art photo. I was stopped on the Split Promenade – when I was there for a vacation – by a girl who just wanted to earn some pocket money so she can go to Ultra. She was sitting on a little bench with people, quite shy. She asked me if I would like to get henna art and post it on my Facebook. I did. I am so happy for her, because after i posted a photo she got so many likes and followers that she got offered a job in a saloon. Good for you. So look what she did! It’s awesome.



I also collaborated recently with a company called Urban watch. Their watches are very clean design and unisex. On the photo they can look a bit plain and boring but actually you have to really see them to understand they are not just another ”cheap” brand. I really like the design so I paired it up with another Swarovski bracelet I got on my trip to Prague.



On the photo above you can see my wrist candy was also representing my colour coordination. I paired it with my macbook ,blue jeans and Nike Sneakers I bought recently for gym. I am wearing the urban watch with this amazing (Oh I love it so much!) ice blue Swarovski bracelet/necklace , the same ring from before -cause it goes with everything – and some really cheap sparkly bubble bracelets I bought at some stall on my trip to Bali. This is quite colourful and cold but I really love this photo.

Below I am showing you another way to show of your wrist candy. Maybe just do it discreetly like ”Look at me I’m drinking coffee, and totally not showing off my accessories” , ”Oh I also like to drink coffee” , ”My sneakers are dirty” ….whatever really. These by the way are Marc Jacobs.


My instagram photo


Hey maybe you don’t want your wrist to weigh a ton! Sometimes all of these things just get stuck in my hair and things and I just want a small cute detail that matches the rest. I also like to point out some other things, like my Coco Pat bag, or my new Just fab shoes. So why not throw it all in there?


my instagram photo – click

That photo suck actually cause it was dark.

What about your man? Why not get some cool shots of his ”Wrist candy” especially while he is talking on the phone. I took this one of Charles because ge was very colour coordinated and it was a great shot. The watch is by… actually you can read right?

Charlie has a very specific style. He likes his beard and he likes colours, and to see more of him you can follow him on his instagram.





There are of course many instagram pages where you can follow awesome #wristcandy if you really like it.


What do you think of this new trend? Yay or nay? Leave me your comments below , you can sign in on Facebook or comment directly from your blog!








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