Best Arabic food in Dubai – Asselah

Going to a foreign country and not eating local food is probably the greatest sin a tourist can make. The problem is – i believe- that there are too many options out there to choose from. It takes hours to investigate where to go and what to do. Most of the reviews are based on […]


Golfing, relaxing and Romancing

I am having a lot of fun writing these posts because even though I am at home at the moment , looking back on my trip is making me relive it again. One of my favourite days at the Fujairah Radisson Blu resort was when we had a day of playing golf, having massages and then it […]


Arriving to Fujairah – Sharks, burgers and a massive room!

  Last 10 days I had the pleasure and the honour of visiting three different cities in the UAE. I have previously been to UAE but only in Dubai. Being able to visit a couple of more places was an amazing opportunity! Most of us always visit either the capital, or the most popular city […]