Best Arabic food in Dubai – Asselah

Going to a foreign country and not eating local food is probably the greatest sin a tourist can make. The problem is – i believe- that there are too many options out there to choose from. It takes hours to investigate where to go and what to do. Most of the reviews are based on […]


Golfing, relaxing and Romancing

I am having a lot of fun writing these posts because even though I am at home at the moment , looking back on my trip is making me relive it again. One of my favourite days at the Fujairah Radisson Blu resort was when we had a day of playing golf, having massages and then it […]


Arriving to Fujairah – Sharks, burgers and a massive room!

  Last 10 days I had the pleasure and the honour of visiting three different cities in the UAE. I have previously been to UAE but only in Dubai. Being able to visit a couple of more places was an amazing opportunity! Most of us always visit either the capital, or the most popular city […]


Finishing my festival season

  My last festival came soon. I have been so busy this summer I don’t even remember it. I think the best part of this last road trip was that I got Captur back and the fact we found the most amazing accommodation. Somewhere between Pakostane and Tisno is a small village/town called Drage. In the olive field a […]


Dubrovnik – The king’s landing

So , you have probably heard of Dubrovnik. Home of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars. If you haven’t heard, you obviously don’t live on this planet. In my previous post I showed you some photos from our road trip to Dubrovnik and all the beautiful landscape that we came across. But now I want […]


I’m In Zrce Beach!

    It’s summer people! And guess what?  It’s the biggest festival frenzy yet! It seems to me that lately everyone has been going festival crazy, it’s like the return of the 60’s. Anyway, being a travel blogger includes some festival hunting. So obviously I got all geared up and ready to go on the […]


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