Golfing, relaxing and Romancing

I am having a lot of fun writing these posts because even though I am at home at the moment , looking back on my trip is making me relive it again. One of my favourite days at the Fujairah Radisson Blu resort was when we had a day of playing golf, having massages and then it […]


Cannes – the 3.14 hotel review

  As you know last week I came back from Cote d’Azur. I already wrote about my short stay in Nice and where I stayed this week. After Nice we had a two day stay in Cannes, so before I write about what we did there, I wanted to show you first where we stayed. […]


Bar crawling in Hvar

I haven’t had enough time to explore all the nightlife and all the bars, and trust me there are so many. But I went to two that I really loved and I hope you will like them as well.   VINTAGE WINE AND BISTRO Hidden in a Little alleyway from all the ruckus is this […]


A lunch with a view at Hvar

In all of our exploration we tend to be hungry. As I was walking down by the Marina I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful Venetian terrace. I kept pulling Charlie’s sleeve to go up the re to have some food so we finally did.     San Marco restaurant is a part of […]


Sightseeing beautiful Hvar

In between our eating and drinking we had time to explore this little town. Hvar is really an amazing place, it is no wonder tthat he British Royal family chose to have their holiday right here. In amongst all the amazing restaurant, there are some epic little alleyways to explore and take amazing photos of. […]


Fine dining at Butchery and Wine

After we settled in Pharos Bayhill hotel we ventured out to grab some food. I heard so many great things about restaurants in Hvar so I had to try it for myself. The staff at the hotel highly recommended Butchery and Wine, so we decided to listen to them. Butchery and wine is a very […]


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