Listen up! Heaven just opened, and it’s in London!

God I hate travelling sometimes. For example; now! Why do I need to be in Croatia when this amazing thing is happening in London! Okay … let me relax… deep breath Ella…. Here we go. Magnum ice cream! Who doesn’t like Ice cream? If you don’t like it, you are not human and you should […]


Bar crawling in Hvar

I haven’t had enough time to explore all the nightlife and all the bars, and trust me there are so many. But I went to two that I really loved and I hope you will like them as well.   VINTAGE WINE AND BISTRO Hidden in a Little alleyway from all the ruckus is this […]


Pharos Bayhill hotel in Hvar- Affordable Luxury

  I have to start by saying Pharos Bayhill hotel was a great choice. It was just recently refurbed and I went there to see it for myself. This hotel was built in 1960s and it was old and tired, but they have changed it up completely to give it a more modern vibe.   […]


Dear women, you need to read this.

Dear women,   Lets stop slut shaming each-other. Every woman has a right to make her on decisions with her own vagina. Let’s not think we have the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Isn’t it more fun to listen to failed and funny stories from your […]