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I am always looking for exciting new destinations to visit and places to see.

If you are a hotel or a travel brand make sure you get in touch with your proposition in time. I book my trips months in advance.

If you are a Lifestyle or a Fashion brand that wants to send me items as a gift for a review, I want to thank you so much for considering me, but please know that I might not review them unless they fit in with what I am currently doing.

Site Statistics and Highlights

This website gets over 140,000 unique visitors per month, with over 800 000 page views. Readers come from UK, US, RU, DE, CH, HR, BiH, BE, SE , SI…and many more…

I am active in all areas of social media, including Instagram (over 114,000 followers), Twitter (over 14,600 followers), Facebook (over 255 000 followers), YouTube (over 2 000 000 views), LinkedIn (over 2,500 connections), as well as forums and online communities.

I reach over 20 000 000 users per month

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If you are approached by anyone who claims to be working for me or pretends to be me, please do not communicate with them because you may be taken advantage of . Let us know if something like that happens.




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