Lost in Translation, The New York bar

One night we went to Golden gai. Golden gai is a couple of small blocks of houses with super miniature bars. Some of them only fit 3 people at the bar. We were told to leave a couple of them, I guess most of the owners aren’t so keen on non Japanese speaking tourists, but […]


Green Outfit in Tokyo

So , just to be clear. Tokyo is not a fashion friendly place. I struggled in these heels. Thank God for this  BiteMyStyle backpack and the sneakers I took with me, because my feet were killing me. Anyway. I decided to wear something casual so I mixed and matched my clothes with Charlie’s clothes. It […]


This is what a cat caffe in Tokyo looks like

Have you ever been to a Cat caffe? No? Well,… you don’t know what you are missing. A cat caffe is a perfect way of making your hair allergic boyfriend want a cat. It is cute, fluffy, adorable and surprisingly not smelly at all. Obviously I had the honour of visiting one in Tokyo and […]


13 things that I loved and Hated about Tokyo

I hated that : Nobody spoke english. It is a miracle if you come across someone who speaks english. Tourist information centres included. Charles and I were on a mission to get to mountain Fuji and were getting lost in the subways trying to retrieve information. Thankfully we used all sign and sound language to […]