My business is personal

  When I envisioned my life as a travel blogger everything sounded so perfect. I would travel, take photos and enjoy everything! Lately, however, I have been getting ‘’life slapped’’ from literally every corner. I realised that my dream may not be as dreamy as I thought it would be. I guess I never really thought […]


How to pack everything in a tiny suitcase!

Today I left for Marrakech. I am going with a Croatian travel agency called They are offering a trip to Marrakech soon so they invited me to try it out firsthand and tell you guys all about it. Before I start telling you about my journey I wanted to show you how I pack […]


Are you Hung(a)ry ?

If you missed my Christmas post from Budapest, don’t fret. Just because Christmas is behind us doesn’t mean there are not still some amazing things to do this winter. Following up on my experience in Budapest… today I am going to make you drool! If you have never been to Budapest, you are missing on […]


Top 4 things you shouldn’t miss in Cyprus

  Desperate for an island getaway? Flights to Cyprus are the perfect way to escape everyday life and indulge in a week or two of sun, sea and sand. There’s even more to the island than beach relaxation, so be sure not to miss Cyprus’ best bits.   Take a tour of the Cyprus Wine […]


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