Balie’s 1st birthday!

I can’t believe I am a mom. I can’t believe my body built another human being.  I also can’t believe that she is turning one! Sorry… She is one already!


I didn’t want to make some crazy birthday party, but I did want some nice photos and I wanted her to have her first cake. So I ordered a lovely healthy cake made from carrot and white chocolate that was sugar free, baloons and a couple of gifts. My friend also sent us some cute matching outfits so we had that for photos as well.



It is such a weird feeling going through this all over again. I guess I want to give her what I always wanted but I couldn’t have had. In a way that is nice but also very dangerous. Most of our parents try to fix their regrets throughout our lives. If they didn’t go to college, they want us to go to college. They think that we should  cause they wanted to, but we forget that our kids are not our clones. They have wants of their own, mistakes the need or want to make, and if we dont let them take their own path, they will also be full of regrets. I look at Balie and I wonder all the time, what she will want, who she will be?

My mom and my grandmother joined the party, so we took some nice family pics during our day. Balie loved her cake, and everything else, so as soon as we ate the dinner that Charles made, we went to open presents.



Happy birthday Balie! We love you ????

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