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This Blog post may look a bit funny. The reason is simple- I broke my laptop, and it is not easy to do this on my phone. So I apologise if it looks weird in the end, but I have to do it like this.

Long story short. I decided to dedicate 6 months of my life searching for perfect autumn, spring and winter weekend getaways.

My plan was a bit different but things got out of control, so my first weekend getaway was super spontanious and only lasted 24 hours.

I found this little place Rastoke, just between Karlovac and Plitvice lake. It is a small tiny village in Croatia where people have their own personal waterfalls. It is quite picturesque, like it came out of some fairytale. Most of the people there, unfortunately for tourists, have closed off their private yards, so there is not much access to beautiful tiny waterfalls, but you can still get a glimpse from a far. We only stopped there on the way to our final destination. We had a coffee and went for a walk to take some photos.


I had a plan to go  to Austria with a camper van, but it was impossible to organise with all the life that is happening in our lives at the moment. Bali was celebrating her big 1st birthday and it required a certain logistic.

I managed to pull a last minute organisation by finding a little house on airbnb in rakovica, just 10min with a car from Rastoke.







My initial plan was to make 2 separate blog posts on this trip, but I kind of believe that one place doesn’t go without the other.

When I was looking for houses to stay in, I was looking for something not so modern, but secluded. The winner was the first image of a barn with horses in front of it. I found the house on AIRBNB.

I paid around 70 euros for the night, and there was 4 of us staying in the house. So it would be around 16 euros per person. But even though the inside of the house was really cute, the reason why I choose it was mostly because of activities they provide , and because there is a lot of nature and animals around.


Naturally the first thing I did, I opened up a beer can and I relaxed for the moment, so could soak up the sun and the beautiful outdoors. It wasn’t long after that that we said hello to the other farm animals, and got up on to the saddle and into the forest.

Half an hour of riding for one person will cost you 100 kunas.  So for the 4 of us, it was 400 kunas.









There are many nice photos, so it was really hard for me to filter through all of them. I noticed most of you don’t really read that much, so I allow myself to tell stories through photography.

Meet AMIGO. Amigo is a lovely horse that I got to spend some time here while I was staying at the house.








After our horse riding session, we chilled a bit on the terrace, where we enjoyed some wine some beers, and of course, the game of life. Once it became too chilly for us to stay inside, we switched back in next to the cosy fire, and some furry companions. I pulled out the mulled wine, and made some amazing tortellini. They were really yummy and filling, so it was no wonder that we were feeling really sleepy next to the hot fire and full tummies.






Little fairy lights, as well as the table cloths and  covers are from EMMEZETA.HR




We had a nice sleep before waking up to a lovely morning . Karmen and Andrej slept in a bit longer than us, so we made the table and served some breakfast. I think we were all a bit hungover from the night before, so the morning took quite a long time, before we decided to head back to Zagreb.






Even though we didn’t stay long and we didn’t do much. That was kind of the whole purpose. One and a half hour away from Zagreb I found a small hideaway for a spontaneous escape. The cost is simple. 70-80 euros per night + 15 euros for 30 minutes of horse riding per person, + gasoline and tolls. If you go with you friends it is not a big expense, but at least you feel like you have done something nice during the weekend. To make it even better, forget your phone and come and relax like people used to.


Accommodation : Fairyland , Rakovica –

Table wear:

Food :

Photography : Karmen poznic (Bozic)

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