Celebrating : Enviroment day!


My blog has become a deserted Island. I don’t get so much time to really sit and write about my thoughts or things I do. I’ve started a new company recently, and we have all been so dedicated to making it work, that I have forgotten about myself. I decided to make a new plan regarding my blog with my team. One of the decisions was that I make time once per week to write about what I’m up to and what I’m doing.


Last week on Tuesday was the environment day. I decided to celebrate it with a good friend of mine. Andrea is a writer and a stand-up comedian in Croatia. I knew that it will be a hilarious experience sitting in the Grass with her. While Karmen was taking photos of us, Andrea was making fun of Instagram photos, so ironically, all of the photos look like on Instagram.

Andrea is known for posting serious food porn on her Instagram account, so when I told her that we will be eating healthy stuff, she was not so excited.

I went to Lidl and picked out everything that had an eco-label on them. There was a lot of things, but since I’m not very creative with cooking yet, I chose simple things that don’t need preparation. They were mostly snacks that we grazed on while having a chat about life, Instagram and current situation of our generation. Being totally honest, I am not some super ecological person. I guess my excuse is the same as everyone’s, but in reality, it’s just laziness. I am aware that we the humans, destroy nature worse than cancer destroys a person, and I don’t think I do enough to protect it. For example, I don’t recycle. I’d like to, I think it’s important. Often I see videos of plastic in the sea, killing the sea life, and I am becoming more and more aware of my impact on the world around me.

I don’t think much preparation is needed to make an impact. I guess we just have to start little by little. I am sure you remember Charles and I trying to make some vegan recipes? That’s also not going so great. Life with baby and work is not leaving us much time to have fun. When did we all become so busy? I think the fact we are spending so much time working and hurrying, is the biggest reason we are destroying this planet. For some reason we want more than 24 hours per day, so we make things quickly and deteriorate even quicker.

Andrea and I both wearing new Esmara by Heidi Klum collection coming to Lidl next week.

I am not that great in the kitchen. I grew up watching my mom cook, but it never really stuck with me. I’m sure most of my generation is a fast food – eating out- generation. I’d like to switch to a more healthier food with less meat, but I don’t know what to do in the kitchen. In future, you will find some food bloggers coming to my house teaching me how to cook, seriously.

Andrea and I agree, that everything is changing so much that we currently have 4 generations of people with a completely different view of life. We became so focused on careers that starting a family, for example, is a luxury not many can afford. Love suffers in century while we strive to reach and stay in the middle-class long enough to give our kids a dignified childhood. To give them more than our parents gave us. Time passes and we already 30, thinking… maybe it is too late now? Maybe that is not for me.

I don’t think people worried about materialistic stuff as much as they do today. Now when we have more than before its so much harder to actually get it. Before, one member of the family made enough for everyone, and now even two members struggle. Now that I have a baby of my own, I think a lot about the food I give her and how I will teach her about the animal meat and products and how they are one of the biggest issues in the world today. Hey, I don’t even know enough about it! I don’t want my daughter to think that chicken meat grows on trees and ends up in a supermarket. And I don’t want her to automatically buy meat just because she doesn’t know what to do with veggies. I’m like that! Guilty as charged!

So to take the first step, I decided to have a small outing with Andrea, where we grazed on nuts from Lidl and  fruits and drank juices that were all environmentally friendly. I decided to divide the packaging from paper to plastic, and after our little picnic, I have allocated them to their intended bins. It is not much, but if everyone did just that, it would be enormous. The impact would be instant, but we never think about it while we are in a hurry, and so much garbage is polluting our air.

What can we do now to make an amazing impact?


Andrea and I both wearing new Esmara by Heidi Klum collection coming to Lidl next week.

Are thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan? How do you manage your enviroment? Do you recycle? share with me your thoughts, i’d love to learn more.

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