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When I was a kid I always imagined what my apartment would look like if I lived alone. I always imagined myself in a studio apartment with minimum stuff. Back then I was super into Japan and their subcultures. I loved Anime and followed Harajuku trends religiously. My future, however, has turned out to be something completely different. I’ve grown from that little girl to a woman and so have my surroundings. I never actually got a chance to live by myself. I Sometimes think about what that would be like? Did I miss out on anything?

I’m used to being around people a lot these days. When Charles leaves the house, it’s so empty and quiet I just want to go out into the wild. Some of my friends live alone, they have done for quite some time actually. I always wondered if I made a mistake before by not actually giving myself a chance to experience my solitude. It’s almost like I’ve never made that step from a girl to a woman by getting to know myself or creating my own routine. I’ve always been influenced by other people’s routines because they created them for themselves when they lived alone. Even now Charles and I get into debates and arguments about our home. I’m not really sure who I am. I never actually got a chance to decide what I liked, what I wanted. I am not aware of space, size or possibility of an interior. There is definitely something about living alone that defines you as a person. I never had that so I guess I could say I am not a defined person.

I imagined myself in a tiny apartment because I am messy and lazy. I don’t have a habit of cleaning or tidying because someone else has done it for me pretty much my whole life, and even when they didn’t do it  I didn’t care. I would have an odd day here and there where I would go into a cleaning frenzy, but that was about it. I am not proud of it, but it is true.

My bedroom now is the size of the apartment I wanted. It is humungous. Just tidying that one up is a nightmare, and I have 3 more bedrooms, 5 toilets, a hallway and a whole upstairs with kitchen and lounge, and three huge balconies! That is a lot of rooms! That is not what I imagined my future to be like, I’ll tell you that!

Anyhow, my bedroom is my apartment. It is my favourite place. It’s somewhere I go to hide. Just like when I was a child. I feel safe in the bedroom. I don’t like leaving it but I can’t wait to come back to it – this is why I decided to add a dash of spring to it.


When I published this photo on facebook. Everyone thought that me placing towels like this is fake. It is, I don’t do that ever promise but, I love hotels and apartments and I love that moment when I walk into the room and I see towels on the bed. It just gives me a feeling like I came somewhere unknown, and since the season of travel is coming I thought it would be a nice little touch.

I started preferring fake flowers because the real ones are so expensive and they also don’t last long. My apartment is too big to not have any flowers in it and it would change st me too much to just keep killing them – so I leapt into the artificial world – and I am so happy I did that.  They cost me the same as real ones but they live forever.

Flamingo candles were a nice touch!

Everyone who knows Charles and me has seen our pillow collection. We have so many pillows you can’t even see our sofa anymore! We have no space for pillows but we keep getting new ones. Problem is (not) that furniture stores sell them with pillow cases as a whole for a couple of euros, so you end up getting loads of pillows instead of covers. In this situation, pink pillows were so fluffy and affordable it was next to impossible to refuse them.



Since we have a new addition to the family, a little princess Balie. I decided to also make her think pink, and have done up her little crib in complimentary colours ❤


I hope you like what I have done with my room, to shop the items you can follow the links below 🙂

Thank you for reading and supporting  me ?

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