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Weaning off the boobie with Mimjumi


Alright Ladies, listen up!

These bad boys are in town and they are the best thing you could use for weaning of your little milky vampire.

I breastfed Balie for about a month and a half, maybe two, but I always combined formula when I had to. I decided to weane her off the boob completely when I realised we are not really progressing with the breastfeeding. I’m not really going to go into too much detail why I made that decision, I know for some people it is very personal if you decide not to breastfeed your own child, so I am just going to jump into the real topic which is ”why this bottle”.

It is pretending to be a boob

YES! You have something in-common with the bottle. You are both pretending to be something you are not. Joking 😀 The design of the Mimijumi bottle is very similar to the boobie – (if you have a boobie of course). The tip of the bottle is coming out like you nipple would in babies mouth, and the texture outside, while it is not made of human skin, or leather for that matter, is the same in flexibility, giving your baby something to grab, and squeeze while sucking on it. Best part of this (. )( .)-bottle, is that your baby doesn’t lose the suction reflex, meaning you can breastfeed and bottle feed at the same time without confusing you baby. You can even go from bottle back to breastfeeding with no problems.


When I first got the bottles I saw different names on them. There was a big one that said ” very hungry baby” and a little one saying ”not so hungry baby”. I was being blonde so I thought they were having different sizes of holes on them, but they don’t. They are the same, except one is small and one is bigger. I almost stopped using the small one now, because Balie is eating more now so ”Mee so hungry” (I made this up) bottle works so much better for me.

The smaller one, as seen below, I only use to give her water in between feedings.

Not so hungry baby bottle


This is the smaller version of the same bottle, it only comes up to 120ml, so it is perfect for the first 2-3 months , depending on how much you feed your baby. Balie for example used to eat 90ml every 2 hours, and when she got up to 120, which is the limit of this bottle, I switched to the bigger one. It is very cute though…

No Colics, No stress, Smooth transition

First time you baby gets the bottle, after being constantly on the boob, will be maybe a bit weird at first, but you will notice how naturally he or she  will embrace the Mimijumi bottle, it will even make you feel jealous of the bottle. I would suggest, to use the bottle at the beginning once or twice during the day then move up to the more frequent use as time passes by. It took me less than 2 weeks to completely switch to the bottle. Great thing is, it was made so your babe doesn’t have horrible wind from sucking on air, so you can kiss goodbye the colic, also , your baby will transition with no stress, no boob withdrawal syndrom , nothing.. de nada… you are a free woman my dear.


Balie loves her Mimijumi bottles. She is a real sucker for them (get it 🙂 . She likes grabbing the brown bit and squeezing it as she is drinking. I think it is fun for babies, like they do on your boobs.

I would suggest you buy at least 4 of these bottles, because I tried using the old classic bottles, with standard tips in combination with the mimijumi ones, and that was really confusing for her. It is a different way of sucking on this bottle and the standard one. If you don’t want to confuse you baby, i would consider only using one type of bottle and stick to it. I keep one in my bedroom for night feedings, and the rest in the kitchen for during the day.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on these here is how you can get them.


USA can find them here


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