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Im giving away the safest washing products for babies!

Not so long ago, on my facebook page I asked you guys what you favourite washing powder and fabric softners are. Many people came in with their suggestions on why they use particular items.

I was looking for a combination of nice scent, and getting the work done, but also any other benefits that could compliment the product. My favourite thing is taking Balie’s clothes out of the dryer and putting it on her, and then smelling her clothes  throughout the day . There is something so nostalgic in the smell of a fabric softener, something that always reminds you of your childhood.


I had a friend ones in elementary school, he always smelled like freshly washed laundry. I always wondered how his clothes smelled so great. Literally like they do in the tv ads, except i didn’t ask him that question because I was 10 and I didn’t care really. But I care now.

I didn’t really care much about what products i use before I had Balie. But since having her and looking online, I am very careful with what I use and do. I wouldn’t say I am overprotective, but I am definitely preventive. I saw some kids get rash , or reactions because of their clothes. Some of them get it due to fabric, and some just get it because of the products that are placed on the fabric. I don’t think Balie has any allergies per-say, and so far she hasn’t had problems with rash, but I would like  to make sure it stays like that so I looked for the safest option when it comes to washing.


I looked at most of your comments and suggestions, and while most suggestions and advices were great after I waved my pros and cons, I decided to take the safest option. I tried this Silan sensitive fabric softner. First because it is very mellow and it is made specially to protect babies from getting rashes. It is perfect for those who have allergies, but also the scent is nice and subtle  rather then very cutting and sharp like some have. Don’t get me wrong, the smellier the better, but not for my baby. Too much perfume is not good for her to be smelling all day long. Also I got this nice soft blanket with my purchase.

I still don’t understand the difference between the washing powder and the liquid one. I don’t suppose there are too many differences, but this time to wash Balie’s and our clothes I used the liquid one. Only because the powder never really goes down completely and always is stuck in the compartment, which is really annoying so I prefer the liquid one.



I also used a baby sensitive washing detergent in liquid, because i think it’s important that both products are  sensitive. I decided to make a better effort of taking care of myself and people around me, so i tried to choose products which are not agressive for the skin.

I think the most interesting product is Persil duo caps sensitive. I used it ones but it is really straight forward. It is also a sensitive line, so good for your clothes and your skin. It has been approved by dermatologists and it is used somewhat differently. You throw the capsules into the empty drum of the washing machine and you throw clothes on top of it. Depending on how many kilos of clothes you have, you add more capsules. I usually wash around 7 kilos of clothes so I use two capsules in my wash. I can’t determine if it is better than liquid for me , but i am definitely still experimenting with it, and enjoying it so far.



And to wrap this blog post up, Balie is in a good mood today, so she wants to gift someone with these products, so more babies can smell as nice as her!

Just leave a comment and I will send the products to two lucky people 🙂

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