My UmbrELLA collection <3

This year I partnered up with  to design umbrellas that will bring Valentines to people all year around.

I launched my collection on Valentine’s day, trying to motivate people to get romantic gifts even during months that do not include valentines.

The whole collection is made with 4 romantic topics.

First one is an umbrella that folds up into a bouquet of flowers. It is a bouquet that never wilts away and also one that protects your hair from wilting during rainy days.  It is a great present if you want to give someone something meaningful, but you do not wish to kill the flowers. Comes in different colour variations and it available for Croatian market here, and for the rest of the world here.

The second one is a plain umbrella on the outside but opens into a beautiful flower on the inside. Reminding people that beauty really does come from the inside. It comes in various colours for whatever type of person you are. For Croatian market, it is available here, and for the rest of the world, on this link.

The third one is for the separated lovers. A reminder that your better half is somewhere else protected from the rain but thinking of you. Making an umbrella with a missing puzzle, and another one that only contains the puzzle that is missing. For Croatian market, you can order it here, and for the foreign market on this link.

Forth umbrella from my collection is for those who are single. It contains a ”truth or dare” wording, which is a fun game for those who maybe are just about to fall in love playing this silly game. For Croatia click here and for the rest of the world, it is available here.

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