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Baby winter tips and tricks ( caused by my mistakes)

Bedside feeding setup for bottle feeding moms

I live in a duplex apartment, that means my bedrooms are downstairs and upstairs is my kitchen. When i first brought Balie home , I wasn’t prepared as much as I thought. First night when she was home and she was hungry I had to take her and walk up the stairs to make her food… it was exhausting for the first couple of days. I didn’t have that much milk yet and was doing a combination of formula feeding and breastfeeding. The best investment I then made, was I bought a bottle heater and placed it next to my bed. I keep the formula, and bottles filled with water, so when she wakes up i have the whole set up. It means I stay in my warm bed , and it’s much less of a hustle for both of us. Nobody likes to go through cold rooms. Bottle heater ir such a good thing if you are bottle feeding. Also keep a journal of your breast-feeding and formula feeding…

Winter suits


I got a couple of really cute winter suits, but I soon realised they are so useless for such a small baby. I usually just put her the winter bag in the stroller and that is it. She likes to be able to move her limbs while she is laying down. However there are moments when you need a nice winter suit, but if you ask me, such a small baby doesn’t like to be constrained. They look cute, but I think they are the most useless thing I have. Just invest in a good winter bag.






Stuffy nose problem

While I was still in the hospital after giving birth. Nurses used to dress and change Balie for me. To be honest I was really scared of doing it but also I was in so much pain having some help was nice. Balie always came dressed in two layers and wrapped in a blanket. I thought babies must be really cold all the time. Apparently that was only in the beginning. So I learned when I got home my first mistake.

One night  i dressed Balie and I have put her to bed. She has a cot next to my bed…I covered her with a cot blanket and ive put her to sleep. In the middle of the night, when she woke up hungry, I reached over to take her, and omg she was really really sweaty! I didn’t think she would be so hot! I immediately got up and changed her clothes and Ive put her in the bed much lighter.

Unfortunately , the damage was done, so Balie caught a cold the next day. Not too serious, just sneezing and stuff but her nose was also full. Even tough I have the vacuum thing for the nose. It is really not nice to use it at 3 am in the morning. So what I use os just good old saline solution. I just drop a couple of drops in her nose and she either sneezes or stuff comes out by itself. They are quite useful little things, and not as agressive as the vacuum !


Balie decided she want’s to do a giveaway so we are giving you to try these Nivea natural saline solutions. We will be sending a couple of goodie bags to some of you moms, to try 🙂


Let us know how you like them!


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