One month with Balie

Photographer: Karmen Poznic


It has been a month since Balie has come into our lives. I have not kept this blog up to date with all news, since it has been hectic, but I caught a moment now to share some of my thoughts and routines.

I wanted to write more about my birth story but It’s so hard to find time these days. I definitely wanted to document this month in photos with Balie while she is so tiny and small still, so I invited my photographer Karmen to come around to my house and help me make some photos of our morning care routine.


Balie is still a tiny little human and she doesn’t yet crawl or do much so it is very important that I do some exercises with her whenever she is awake and willing. One of the things I do on daily basis is I put her on her belly so she tries to lift her head up… it is one of the first things babies try to do. This also helps her burp quicker after a meal.




Everyone said that it is important to connect with you baby with touch and smells, so I spend a lot of time carrying her in my arms, or my elastic scarf…we already have a routine with bathing and massaging. I’m hoping she will get used to it and know when it’s time for night sleep. I was told it is very helpful later on.




During the day Balie likes to look around, be a part of what is happening, but most importantly she likes being fed and having power naps. She is a very happy and calm baby. Everyone tells us we are so lucky that she is so chilled. Of course, she has days when she is more nervous but those days are once in a while and don’t really make a difference.

I am still getting into this whole mom thing, but I am quickly learning that It was smart not to listen to people’s advice. People told me I will not need a lot of things, and I definitely needed most of them. One such thing was the crib. I use her crib a lot. She is right next to my side of the bed, but I feel more comfortable with her being in her own bed. Both Charles and I are quite active sleepers so I am always scared we will hurt her in our sleep if she is in bed with us. Sure there is an odd night when I put her next to me because she is unsettled or uncomfortable, but I much more prefer her being in her own bed…safe.


When I got a bath everyone told me I don’t need a bath either cause I can just wash her in the sink. But I just don’t like washing her in the sink. I know I prefer being bathed soaked in water and not having a stream of water from a pipe coming down at me. This is why I don’t like showers. There is always some part of my body that is cold. Also, pipes are so unpredictable, you don’t know if, at some point, really hot or cold water will come down on your baby. I got this Beaba bath from choconillas. They suggested this model because it is tall, so I don’t have to bend down so much and because it is made of a special silicone material so no mould gathers.

I was also told no shampoo is needed, but I do like that soft smell of baby shampoo on baby’s skin. They smell so good and for such a long time. There is nothing better than to cuddle your baby and smell them. I got a whole set of Nivea’s baby care line during my baby shower, and they are pretty much all I use at this point.


Baths are a great way to soothe or calm down your baby. Water is very therapeutic to them, and since they spent so much time in water inside of us, it doesn’t surprise that it is their favourite type of fun.

I like to rub some baby oil into Balie after the bath. I give her a message and talk to her, sometimes I even sing old jazz songs to her, hoping she catches on and maybe makes something great out of it in future. But also because when she get’s used to them I will be able to sing them to her later on without getting tired of them.

I always thought that changing a diaper is going to be disgusting, but I actually like it. Yes. I feel like a have a greater purpose when I change my pooped baby.

One of the things people told me is that I won’t need a changing table. Ladies if you can afford to get one, just get it. It will be so good for you. It will save your back. You change a baby like 7-8 times per day and sometimes its quick but usually, it’s not. If you can’t get a changing table, just get any type of table… don’t do it on the bed…you will get tired of it and your back will kill you.

I use Nivea’s baby oil because it has a very delicate smell, but it feels really nice on babies skin. I use sometimes more aromatised oils, but they can upset some babies, so at the moment, I am avoiding those types of oils.


After we finish the massages and changing of the diaper, I cuddle Balie a little bit more before feeding her. It calms her down. Sometimes I breastfeed, sometimes I use the formula, it depends on what kind of day I have and what I need to get done. Balie loves soft furry materials, it makes her more comfortable and put’s her to sleep quicker.







I enjoy every moment with her I can get. She is already much bigger than she was a month ago, and I am trying to get every moment of her while she is so little. I noticed that she gets very nervous when I am very nervous, so I am trying to do things that make me happy, so I can be the best for her. She is the best baby ever. I don’t think we could have been blessed with a better one. I am still learning new things, but as of now, I think I can say, it’s getting much easier.


A year supply of Nivea baby wipes and baby cosmetics is going to one of my lucky readers.




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