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Last week my work took me to Trieste. I was actually supposed to be super pregnant at this event, but since I gave birth earlier, I managed to show up 2 weeks after giving birth to come and check out this cruise ship.

We drove to Trieste from Zagreb, for the ceremony. This ship will be leaving Trieste and travel 20 days to Miami, from where it will cruise the Caribbean.

I won’t be making that trip, but I was curious to see who goes there, and what there is inside. And you will be just as impressed as I was.

A shuttle bus took us from parking to the ship. The process of getting through is really similar to going on an aeroplane, but much quicker, as people board the ship throughout the day and not at the same time. The ship is to say at least enormous. We were joking it is as big as 2 neighbourhoods in our city. It takes 5000 passengers and 2800 crew members. That’s almost 8000 people aboard one ship. It’s a floating city.





Getting inside is quite scary. Some people know where to go immediately but for most of us newbs, it was a slow process. A couple of hours in, and you get the hang of it. The ship is so big some people say you don’t get to see everything in 7 days in amongst stopping and sightseeing. I was curious to find the lobby and see what sort of entertainment there is.






We were greeted by a guide and she took us across 2 floors. The tour of 2 floors took almost 2 hours, and there is 17 of them! So you imagine how long it takes to look at the whole thing, and we didn’t even get to go inside of any shops, we just walked through.

Everything is sparkling, dazzling, big, shiny and bright. It’s like Christmas on water. Your eyes keep going left and right and you have trouble focusing on one thing.





What I was most curious about were the cabins. There are cabins with inside windows, with balconies and there are a couple suites for bigger families in the yacht club. But other than that most rooms are up to the same standard so you don’t get many class of rooms like you would in a hotel. I got to check out the cabin with the balcony, and it was really decent in size. For example, most London hotel rooms are this size if you don’t go all Royal Family on them.





The whole ship is just very impressive. Outside decks are lovely, and I can only imagine how lovely the views and sunsets are when the ship is afloat. We didn’t have very nice weather that day, but I would really love to experience just sitting outside sipping on a cocktail somewhere in the Caribbean sea.





There are interactive screens across the ship which saves the paper, and it’s much easier to use than a map. An app is also available to download. You can book excursions or restaurants directly from the screen by scanning your bracelet on the scanner. It is a very nice modern touch, and a very well thought out piece of technology. Every time you stop in the city, it shows you available tours or things to do from which you can then choose from. You can pretty much find anything, from shop locations to city guides.



On the Ship, somewhere amongst the endless floors, hallways and corridors, there is a middle section with all the bars. One of them is this luxurious chocolate bar which is overall quite impressive. Just behind the servers, there is a chocolate wall ”waterfall”. We all stood there imagining what it would be like to just dip our fingers in that brown liquid heaven. Of course, you can’t do that.

But other things could make you happy, like beautiful handmade ice cream, and lovely chocolate bars. Take them home as a memory or just eat them all! You only live once.




Those in need of thrill can try their luck in the casino. Who knows, maybe luck is on your side and you get to win another cruise or even some money to pay for one.





Decor has been done to every single detail. There os something to see everywhere. Theme bars have their own sports memorabilia, and disco is quite retro with authentic details.





I think there is nothing you can’t eat on board. Pretty much every cuisine on this planet is on board of this floating city. Some restaurants are inclusive of your full inclusive tickets, and some you have to pay for of course. Some are just too good to be offered to everyone because other people would never get their turn.






My favourite part of this ship was the champagne bar. For someone who has not been drinking for past 9 months, this was a perfect occasion to sit and have a couple of glasses of bubbles before heading back to Zagreb.

We were tired out by this glorious monster, and are really hoping we get to go on board one time, for a longer period and actually experience all of it’s glory while cruising over the ocean into the unknown.


You can see the official MSC website here, to book or get more information on their wonderful cruises.

#ThePlaceToBe is in Barcelona! This vibrant city welcomes our #MSCSeaside in its own way.

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