My surprise Baby shower

Friday, fun day. Maybe for some, but my Friday was quite calm. I started nesting, they say nesting comes just before the baby decides to come out. It is kind of a gut feeling to put things in order before the labor day. I spent the whole day making my room and sorting out baby things. Around5 pm Charles came home from a meeting and told me to get dressed because i have to go with him to another meeting. I was so tired, I didn’t want to go. I was trying really hard not, but he was really angry at me so I said ok.


On the way, I was regretting ever accepting to go, as the meeting was so freaking far away. After 50 minute drive, we drove into this dark alley and I was so pissed off that he is making me go so far away, this far along in pregnancy. The car pulled over at a house, and people started running out screaming. I was not sure what was happening, I was so shocked I couldn’t recognize anyone, then I saw my moms dog, and a realised…. ive been pranked!



When I came inside, I was even more shocked. there were balloons, and gifts and people and food and cake and everything. It was like a dream. I could not believe people went to all this trouble just to bring a smile to my face. I felt so grateful and happy to be around people like these.



We had some lovely cupcakes and cake made by a lovely team of ladies called Cupcakes and Fairytales. They are seriously so good at what they are doing.


I got all the flower arrangements from Pollak Flowers as they decided to be a part of this baby shower, and I can’t thank them enough for making it so special and lovely.


Of course, everyone got drunk except me,  which was kind of predictable and ironic. I was the only sober person in my baby shower. I kind of had a feeling at one point that people organized this so they could get drunk!



Next morning we woke up, in this lovely little house just outside of Zagreb. It is a vacation home for people wanting to just chill and escape the town. It is called Relax house Mia and it was really just the perfect venue.

In the morning everyone woke up, and they made breakfast, some of us slept in the house, and some of the guys slept at the Hotel Bosiljevo  . It reallt felt like christmas, so all I wanted to do, was open presents.



All the gifts were so epic and amazing so I just. decided to round them up and introduce them to you, in case you needed some ideas as well.


Luxury baby fashion


Lovely handmade baby things. From onesies to baby nests and pillows, little cozy hats and super cute details. This little corner of the room looked like a showroom. Everyone was so stunned by it, because it was just so nice to watch.


Queens Tangled desires


Maybe you remember that epic blue wool blanket I posted on my Instagram?

@elladvornik enjoying under Queen blaket

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Well now I got a baby version of it for my little daughter, so she can be warm when we go out for a walk in winter. The blanket is handmade with love, and it is so beautiful and lovely, I am sure any baby would enjoy it.



My dear friends from Ismile, who have changed my life forever 2 years ago by fixing my teeth,


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Also came all the way from split to see me for my shower. They bought me a really lovely ”dinner” set for when the baby is bigger. I also got littleAdidass sneakers from them for Balie, which were adorable.

My dear friend and business partner Vida has actually been the brains bhind this whole thing. She organised everything and made it happen. I was so impressed by her skills and determination to do this for me, I dont think i could have ever wished for a better friend and partner. I believe her gift to me was the greatest, as she has left me with something I will never get tired of, and it is the memory of this lovely baby shower.



We also had some baloon action going on. Everyone hoped a stripper will come out, but it was just baloons. We had amazing fun with the hellium.


My mom looking for the stripper.





I am endlessly thankful to my dear friend Karmen who is forever a designated photographer. She is such an amazing business partner and friend and she brings so much to my blog by working with me on my travels. She took time off to do these photos for me so I can have them forever, they are such a great memory. I highly recommend to anyone having a wedding or a special occasion to talk to Karmen, because she is amazing.



Late at night, we got a special treatment with a massage ! The massage comes with the house! Can you believe it? Yes, it is included in the price, so when you book your stay at relax house Mia, you get a PEDISAN team for 2 hours, giving you an epic massage!


Special thanks to our lovely hosts at Relax house Mia and Restoran Bosiljevo who have fed us and treated us like kings for three days. We will never forget your amazing house, hospitality and down to earth mindset. You have made this experience such a wonderful memory. Thank you so, so much!



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