Terme Olimia – the wild outside

Enjoying the resort is nice, but if you have an adventure bug in you, you will probably seek out to do some stuff around the resort. While we stayed in Terme Olimia for 2 days only, we managed to do a lot as you will see from my photos.

There is a short hiking trail just above the hotel where we stayed. We were taken for a walk through the woods by their guide. This walk usually takes about 3 hours, but the distance you walk is only 1 kilometer. The purpose of this walk is to appreciate the forest. And as much as we did appreciate the nature around this lovely resort, we had so much to see and so little time, so our walk took only 1 hour.

After the walk, we took the car and drove to nearby golf terrains. Just above the terrains is this Amon Olivije  restaurant where we stopped once again to have nice food. Furniture on the inside of this restaurant is made out of wine barrels which must have been quite an interesting recycling project.

My absolute favourite part, apart from the delicious food, which no wonder has a very high ranking on trip advisor, were these ceramic pots that were made into lamps. The wire is taken through the rope…. how cool is that? Making a modern lamp, out of something so old.

Not far from the Golf course is Jelenov Greben. Jelen means ‘DEER’ as they roam around freely. We managed to feed them and come close to them even though of course they were scared,

Needless to say – I felt like a Disney princess.

Probably one of the strangest things I have ever seen is this Witch museum or I don’t know what to call it. It is so strange but so much effort was put into making it that it makes it even stranger. It is absolutely ridiculous. The weirdest thing I have ever set my eyes on. No matter how many times I asked my self ”what is the purpose?” I was left with even more questions to answer. This crazy setup is a must see, for no reason than just to tickle your brain. Most random creativity ever, that it is almost genius.

To go completely on the opposite side of the random genius witches, we visited a monastery with one of the oldest pharmacies. But besides absolutely stunning architecture, it had amazing gardens in the front and a very famous chocolate shop near by.

Of course, we laid our hands on some hand crafted chocolates. They were absolutely delicious!

As you can see, there are many activities you can do surrounding Terme Olimija. So if you do feel a little bit trapped, most of these things are maximum 15 minutes away. Make your weekend a memorable one by visiting some of these lovely places.


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