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Before summer even started, I was invited by Terme Olimia to come visit them and try out the experience of their services and accommodation. Since I was little my mom always used to take me and my friends to some thermal Spa in Slovenia. Slovenia is very famous for their thermal water and water parks. Olimia, however, is more of an Adult relaxing place, so if you are looking for a nice cosy and relaxing weekend away, this hits the sweet spot.

Located right on the border with Croatia. Terme Olimia offers a wide range of accommodations. You can book apartments, smaller hotel rooms , luxury hotel rooms or even glamping at the premises. But I will come to that in my later posts. In other words, Terme Olimia has an offer for everyone’s pocket, so you can enjoy the luxury or nature, but share the same treatment in the common area with pools, jacuzzis, spa’s and so on.

We were located in the Wellness hotel Sotelia . Sotelia is more of a modern minimalistic relaxing space, for those who don’t only look to relax in the spa, but also enjoy the interior design. Most of the hotel is in sandy colors, making it relaxing even for the eyes.

I stayed in a suite with my dear friend and photographer Karmen.  Our room was on the first floor overlooking the grass and the rest of the properties. The balcony was very spacious and it had a nice warm feeling about it.

On the ground floor of the hotel Sotelia are the restaurants. They serve typical buffet breakfasts in the mornings as well as afternoons, or you can opt-in for an a la carte menu which we decided to do for Lunch. There is a nice selection of wines and traditional food.

The whole ambient of the Gratiola restaurant is very luxurious and nice, but most importantly it is in very lovely calming peachy and white colors to soothe your mood. A tomato soup is a must on this restaurants menu. I would say this is as true as a tomato soup gets, and this part of Slovenia is very famous for this lovely warm starter.

Most important part of this whole place is the famous Wellness Orhidelia, which is reachable underground from all the hotels and accommodations. This allows guests to stroll through even in the worst weather, and in robes.

Interior is very floral, in grays and browns, and a unique violet pool. I have never experienced pools in any colour other than blue. Violet definitely gives it a special dose of luxury. Massages are not to be avoided. After all, they are the best part of a relaxing weekend. Since I am currently 7 months pregnant, I have had an ”expecting moms’ message, which is a very lovely relaxing 30 minute back rub. For those who are not pregnant, there are more relaxing and longer massages to enjoy.

A very special room, except saunas and other typical spa amenities, is the ”water bed” room. This was the first time I tried it, and it was strangely very pleasing. Beds are filled with water for comfort and there are three different stations from which you can choose appropriate music for your mood. I went with classical, but there is also ”sounds of nature” and some ”electronic” music.

If you get tired of eating in your room or the hotel, there are restaurants on the premises that you can explore. One of them is the Pub which we had the pleasure of discovering. The pub serves lovely local beers, which I can’t have 🙁 , but at least there is nice hearty food. The menu is mostly American style, so you will find some baby back ribs, bbq chicken, fires, and so on. Everything you need to have a good time with your friends over a beer.



In my next posts, I will take you through all the activities you can do outside of the resort to make you experience a wealthy one, and also I will connect with nature of Terme Olimia and take you through the glamping experience, which in my opinion was a very special one, and I would highly recommend it.

Let me know what you think of my post and these lovely photos made by my friend Karmen, and if you have experienced this resort and your thoughts about it.

To find out more about the hotel and the resort, please visit their website and their Instagram and Facebook.

For their current special offers click here 🙂


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