The Greek Godess experience

Being a travel blogger is no piece of cake. Behind all of these photos, there are hours of walking, editing, writing, exploring…

Sure we have fun on the way, but catching a perfect sunset or light for the photo takes time and patience, and even I don’t have it always.

However, sometimes after two long days of exploring, walking and…overeating, you do get a reward so we had a luxurious last day to make up for the hard work we have put into creating the content.

We started off with a short spa treatment in the Costa Navarino resort.

After some relaxing time we were taken to the Romanos Luxury villa, which is beyond spectacular. I enjoyed some lunch in bed, dessert in the huge lounge, and the private pool of this amazing villa.

And soon it was time to eat again. We were taken to the restaurant in the resort where we again got introduced to the greek women singing and making Greek pasta dishes. It was a very special moment where we shared food and spoke about the culture and food of course.

A walk on the beach followed a very big meal. Beaches are absolutely stunning. Pure sand and lovely blue sea.

All in all, the last day was full of relaxation where we really got to enjoy this amazing luxurious experience.


All photo credit goes to amazing Karmen Poznic. You can check out her Instagram and Facebook for more great photography.

Check out the  Costa Navarino resort .

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