A very Greek day at Costa Navarino

What makes me usually pick a hotel I will stay in, are the activities I can do near it. Sometimes you are just stranded in the resort and that is great, but there is always that little voice inside of you that asks ” what’s out there?”

So we listened to the voice and decided to check out some ancient Greek ruins of what used to be a public bath house and the theatre.

Unfortunately, it was not preserved very well, so it was really hard to tell what was what, but also fascinating to know, someone walked this ground thousands of years before us.


But ruins are not all that make Greece, Greek. There is a history of hospitality and food and even Gods, that make greece such an interesting place. I was mostly fascinated by the size of their olive trees. It is amazing how different climate can affect a tree to grow is so many different ways.


After our tour of the ruins, the driver took us to a little peak, where we enjoyed some freshly squeezed juices and Greek desserts.



It is not hard to understand why Greek loved philosophy so much. It is so chilled and warm that you can’t to much other than think about life and things. It is known that Greek people are exceptional hosts, so it didn’t take us long to meet some of the locals. I was offered to cook some Greek specialities with the master chefs themselves. The Greek women.

On a little hill next to the road, overlooking the sea, two women took it upon themselves to make little cooking classes for curious and hungry foreigners like me. A little stone house of maybe 30 square meters, contained a bedroom, toilet and the kitchen. A woman who cooked for us said, it belonged to her mother and everything inside it is original.



We had to lay down the dough and try to make these delicious Greek delicacies ourselves. I am not going to lie, I totally sucked at this to the point Greek women were disappointed we shared a gender.

Interesting or not. As I was only 9 weeks pregnant, they told me that I will be giving birth to a Girl. Maybe some Greek way of telling the gender? I kind of had a feeling it was a boy, so I didn’t want to say anything. But we will see who was right in the end.


I started feeling a little bit sick during the cooking process. I guess maybe it was the pregnancy playing tricks on me. So I stepped outside to grab a breath, and the women even performed Reiki on me, to heal me. How weird is that 😀

The meals we created were absolutely gorgeous. Light and snacky, a true Greek Tapas!

And we definitely had to dance in a circle afterwards hahaha…There was no getting out of it unless you were pregnant.

But the day didn’t end there..oh nooo.


All my pregnancy weight was definitely gained in Greece, but after we ate and we got back to the resort, we enjoyed some amazing sunsets coming down on the horizon.


And yes… we ate again. Because you can’t say no to the Greek people. They are like your second grandmother.


All photo credit goes to amazing Karmen Poznic. You can check out her Instagram and Facebook for more great photography.


Special thanks to Costa Navarino team for making our experience truly Greekalicious.


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