The most important thing I take when travelling!

Last couple of months I have spent time in many sunny destinations. While I normally don’t have time to change my clothes often or to carry a lot, there are a couple of things I can’t go without. Those things include sunglasses.

So I wanted to dedicate this post to the little things that keep me afloat.

All of these models are colorful and modern, some of them are chrome, some just plain but they all have interesting frames and some of them even glitter. When it comes to choosing a model, I will be honest and say that I am really bad at it. I don’t consider any type really suits me but I get the ones I like and I wear them anyways.

I think my favorite ones of all of these are the Police purple model which you will find in most of my photos. The reason why I chose them is because my hair was slightly purple so I wanted to match them, but I switched between those and the blue ones which are very similar but in different colors.

Charles and I wearing Police sunglasses in Jamaica.



The most interesting ones to me are these gold ones , also made by Police. While they don’t suit me in a way they should, I find the frame and the chrome very interesting and elegant. Most of my friends think these are the best.


Some people have an obsession with sunglasses, well, mine is just starting. I just need to figure out which ones of these are the best fit. I guess the most important thing to me is that they are good quality, affordable and good looking. I don’t like them to be too strange, but I don’t want them to be too plain either. The good thing is sunglasses help me in so many ways. They hide my face when I’m not wearing makeup, so they save me time on some of my photos, but they also give my face a different shape so I don’t look the same on every picture.


which ones are your favourites?

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