What we ate in Helsinki

Food. It is great. Even the word food looks tasty. For me, food was always something I loved and hated. As a younger girl, I suffered from a non-identified Eating disorder. It was hard for me because even though I didn’t want to eat, there was nothing I loved more than eating. In a way I guess I was proving my control over the only thing that is keeping me alive. As time passed by, I embraced my love for food and strangely, I never got fat. Even to this day food is a big part of me. It teaches me about the place I am in, the way people perceive the world around them, it shows me the new things that grow in that specific region, and what those people think when they say that magic word ‘’food’’.

I was excited about going to Finland, I have never been there and it was my first time. sent me there to experience it for the very first time and tell you guys all about it. Because I knew Helsinki has great Michelin restaurants. Unfortunately for me, it was the easter weekend so none of them work, but I did find some alternatives that were open, but I must admit there were a few.

The one that was really strange was the Olo Graden.

We had a couple of laughs while eating there. For example, when we first arrived the whole staff came to the doors and looked at us asking us what do we want. As if we were not welcome. I actually felt really awkward. To be honest, that wasn’t the only place where I felt people were looking down on me, but I will get to that later.

We were sat down and decided to order the 6-course surprise menu. Some things were really tasty, but some things were just ridiculous. My friend, for example, got grilled cabbage leaf. I can understand the art-form of fine dining, but this was just stupid. I’m sorry if you are reading this, but you can do better than that 🙂

We managed to laugh about it, our whole trip to Finland was a funny experience actually. But that is kind of good because it is definitely one of those I will never forget. I will make sure you read the whole thing in my last post, it is really unbelievable!

I would love to tell you what we ate but the combination of the food was so complex that I really forgot. It was all quite interesting, but as far as fine dining experience goes, I did have better.

I was initially supposed to go to their Olo-Ravintola Michelin restaurant, which is owned by the same people, but unfortunately, due to easter, it was closed. I would highly recommend that you try it as they have a 14-course dinner for 119 euros per person, and according to the reviews they seem to be quite epic.

If you are however more of a street food person, there are some really nice little places around the center. As I mentioned in my previous post-Helsinki is really small, so everything is 2 minutes walking distance.

We found this small Mexican place, I do think it is a chain, to be honest, but I am not sure. Portions of the meals are enormous, and we got fries with everything we ordered, so I think it was a bit too much. But totally worth the money if you think about saving some while visiting Finland.

And yes, it was very cold.


This trip was endorsed by, but as always all opinions are my own.

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