Direct flight from Belgrade to New York with Air Serbia




English hate the French, French hate the English, yet you always find them in each others back yards. Well, I am Croatian and lately I find myself a lot on Serbia’s back yard. I visit when I can but I always feel so excited just as if I am going for the first time. I haven’t yet set foot on Serbian ground in terms of business but it is definitely a very interesting place to work in. The population is double from Croatia, and you can also see that Serbians are not falling behind with the trends. Air Serbia as part of Etihad has taken quite a few bold steps recently, but the boldest one out of all of them is their direct flight from Belgrade to New York .        As soon as I found out about it I started planning my New York trip.


It took me month to plan and prepare , I needed the right dates and I wanted to correlate with the trip to Jamaica, so when I finally got to the moment of booking I needed to decide whether I am doing the outbound trip In business or In economy. I decided to start off with a bang and take the outbound flight in business class so I can tell you all what the experience was like.

Airport process was as quick as they go. I got to the airport around 6am after sleeping only 5 hours. I was tired and cranky but looking forward to being able to lay down and sleep. The check-in on Nikola Tesla airport was draped in gold and red and blue for those travelling business class. To be honest it is a little bit funny when you look at everything else surrounding it. Standing in the isle for Business class is fun, everyone is checking you out trying to scan you, so at times you feel good but sometimes a bit uneasy… it is a roller coaster of emotions. You can probably tell it was my first time. We dropped off the bags and got our boarding passes and then proceeded to the business lounge of Air Serbia.

Air Serbia business lounge is very pretty. The whole place illuminates white and cream tones as you pass down the hallways, and just around the corner there is a smoking area for those who have an addiction such as myself. On the right side of the lounge the bar is open for all business and first class travellers, everything is complimentary including the buffet where breakfast, lunch and snacks are served. It is a very cozy atmosphere with very lovely waitresses. I was sad we could only spend 20 minutes there before we had to board the plane because I wanted to experience it a bit more, but time was passing by and it was time for lift off.

Boarding the plane was the smoothest one ever. Obviously as business class ticket holder the perk is you board the plane first. I was taken to my seat by a very lovely stewardess. Serbian woman are truly beautiful. They have this mix of cute, feminine and sexy at the same time, it is very unique and interesting. My seat was very comfortable, on my left side I was presented with a number of mysterious buttons. Some of them engaged my chair to massage me which I found convenient and nice, so a took a leap of faith and let the chair do it’s thing. While enjoying my back rub I got an a’la carte menu and was told I could order any time I wanted.

Don’t mind if I do! I am a type of person that is never hungry until presented with a menu. Once I see the menu, I am sold, give me everything! So I ordered some breakfast while I sipped on coffee and orange juice. Reaching over for the inflight magazine Is something I often do. I like to read and see what other travellers have to say, but in this particular moment I was looking for myself. It is so nice to be featured in an inflight magazine in Serbia as a Croatian. I felt so honoured that they decided to showcase me before I was showcased in my own country. A couple of people recognised me from the magazine in the airplane which was very amusing as well. I had quite a few giggles on that note, but all in all I would be lying if I said that being in a inflight magazine on a direct flight to NYC is not useful to a travel blogger. It is awesome!

My breakfast arrived and I was served proper restaurant style. A young man came with gloves and prepared my table. He laid it all out before a lady came and served me omelette with ham and a croissant, butter, jam and a bagel with some vegetables. All of it served on a plate, yes a real plate. I was offered champagne and other drinks, but It is really hard for me to drink alcohol without cigarettes. If I could drink without smoking, that would be very dangerous for the business class, as I am sure I’d be able to drink more then the ticket costs hehe. I enjoyed my breakfast throughout. I felt like the service was amazing and everyone was looking after me. I did think that maybe in the economy class on the way back will be different, but I didn’t want to speculate before trying it out. I only say this because I have flew some economy classes where I felt first class and some where I felt like I didn’t exist.

What is the point of being in business class if you don’t take the chance to lay down flat while flying. I have been looking forward to that moment since I started planning this trip. I clicked my little fingers away on those mysterious buttons and I relaxed and went off to a lovely dream. I slept solidly for 4 hours before waking up. Sleeping was a sublime experience. As a frequent economy class traveller I can tell you it Is no fun trying to fall asleep on long haul flights. If they are early in the morning it’s okay because you stay awake but you need to account for the time difference. My flight from Belgrade left at 07:40am and was arriving to JFK at 11am so I really needed that sleep in order to survive the day in NYC. I didn’t have to worry about people sitting behind me or in front of me. I had the freedom to move my chair as I wanted and lay down as I wanted. Even the blanket was amazing because instead of being a plush blanket it was more like a duvet. What can I say, it was a 5star hotel experience in my flying so far.

After I woke up from my Serbian dream, I had another look on the menu to see what lunch offers they had. The menu confused me as they have different menus for outbounds and inbounds. I personally preferred the inbound flights menu, but was already aware I will not have it as my inbound flight was in economy. So I went for the selection of sandwiches and they were so lovely! In no time at all my flight was coming to an end. I enjoyed my last glass of champagne while gazing thought he windows to catch a glimpse of NYC from the sky. The pilot has started the landing and I was already feeling nostalgic of my chair.

As the stewardess opened the airplane doors and I stepped out I kept thinking what a lovely experience flying business with air Serbia was. But just so you can experience it too, please take a look at my video of my outbound flight from BEG to JFK with air Serbia.


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