..And GOD said.. let there be LIGHT!.


‘’Finally I can do my makeup properly’’.


Hi guys! This time a beauty topic! As you may have noticed I have been slacking off on my blog because I am having it redesigned, so I decided not to post so much in case they take it down. But since that is still progressing, I wanted to write a post about my makeup set up. Until recently I did my makeup in my bathroom as most people do – which has it’s downsides, like not properly seeing what you are doing, and then walking out looking like a melting monster. But not since recently. So as you will notice on my photos I have a makeup mirror and a table that matches it.


First off, this mirror has been a blessing. Since I got it I have been enjoying my makeup so much more. It’s light , it’s bright and makes me feel like a princess. It is not only great for makeup but also for my videos too. I made my dressing table, my workspace actually because even my videos look better now that I have some light in my room.

My mirror is standing up on little legs. But you are able to hang it anywhere on the wall. It is not very heavy but it is not super light either, however it is not so big, you can easily put it in your luggage when you travel. I don’t intend doing that, biut if I wanted to I could.

This mirror is completely handmade by Vugform beauty. It ships worldwide and it is currently available on Amazon. It comes in different sizes and weights.  You are able to set up the brightness of the mirror to the one you want. Si if it is super dark you can ramp it up… or lower it down for a more dim effect. They currently have 4 types of mirrors. Stardust, milkyway, Moonlight and Big Bang. They are all different dimensions so check them out.

It also lights up the room , you will feel like you are walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Prices of this mirror vary, but they go from 100£ and up, which is a very good investment, cause not only does it look pretty it is usefull in many segments.


The mirror has been made with care and investigation. Creators have researched lights, weights and materials to make sure you get the best possible quality you could get for your money. Most make up mirrors only turnn on and off, but this one has a selection of light levels you can choose from. Also it is equipet with high standard light bulbs so you don’t have to worry about them running out, breaking down or being some copy from China.

As far as makeup goes, I don’t see how anyone would not want a professional mirror. It is light and compact and a big bonus to your interior. If you pair it up with a nice table, you will have the ultimate makeup corner.


If you wish to learn more about it check out these sites.



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