Treasure Hunt on Treasure Beach

Leaving Kingston was not so hard on me. As much as I wanted to see the city I was a bit tired out by it. Cities have a lot on their back and there is so much to see, but forcing yourself to do lots in short time is not good for me or my memories. So I left kingston behind with lovely thoughts and headed off to the treasure beach.

Jamaica is amazing, and you have to take a roud trip around it to truly understand Jamaica. Every place is different. The vegetation is different, the houses are different, the culture and the way of life. You can pick that up just by driving thorugh little villages on the coast or up the mountain. One thing all jamaicans have in common is love for colour. Houses are all painted in different vibrant colours and lot’s have jamaican flags in front of them. Jamaicans are truly proud and they have every right to be.


Stopping on the road to breath in the air or treat ourselves with some food was quite common on this trip. Darren (or as we call him Karen) and Cheree stopped by a place called Juci patties.

Parking lot was full, and people kept on coming. What was in there I haven’t seen but Charles came back with yellow pastries filled with beef and chicken. Steam was still coming out of these freshly baked pastries while we all hanged around the car and listened to Bob Marley. Eating that patty was an experience of it’s own. I am a big pasty lover, I believe pastries make people happy, but I guess my brain can not digest the idea of having meat in a pastry, so to me it was weird. In a way I liked the idea, but on the other hand I think just with cheese would be better. I was raised on chesse pastries so to me it’s more natural, just as Jamaicans preffer beef and chciken. On our way to Treasure beach I had a chance to enjoy the nature but also remind myself, how fortunate I am in life to be able to do this job, to be able to explore wonderful places like this, and meet amazing people. It wasn’t long before cheree snaped me out of my gratitute moment and told me we arrived to ys falls.


A tractor-train took us up to the jungle, and I really had no idea what to expect. I noticed even then something magical is coming around the corner, as the trees switched from plain, to rainforesty looking ones. Even the trees started growing the dreadlock. Pools have formed around the vegetation, and people flocked inside to have a swim. Why I don’t have a wanderlust photo of me floating in one of them? Because it is spring water, and I was a cat in my past life. I like dry and hot, not wet and cold. Charlie sais I am no fun because this is the second waterfall in my life I have said no to because I was cold. It’s because when I was a kid in estonia I took a swim in the spring of a waterfall and to be honest I can still feel the cold that came over me that time. Even tough the waterfalls are gorgeous, I think an experience is not just based on the sense, but on vision as well.

Ys falls are actually very pretty and it Is a great spot to grab a picnic basket and spend some time in. Unfortunatley due to my ‘’Cold water phobia’’ I left earlier then the rest of the folks. Short drive away we were taken to a really cute property called Jake’s hotel. As soon as you walk In you are charmed. There is something super Jamaican but also western in it. Jake’s hotel is quite an unusual property. It is not a hotel with rooms but rather little shacks scattered around the coast area. We stayed in a very cute one called octopuss. It was light blue, had a lovely little porch and a roof to stargaze on. Jake’s is very artsy and spiritual so I found yoga classes and even mosaic workshops. I guess it’s a great place to come and unwind. I topped my day off with a bottle of red stripe while watching the sun set over the carribean sea.


Can life get any better than this? Yes it can, wait till you see my next post 😀

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