I was in Bob Marley’s house !

I remember the summer of 2006. My dreadlocks were all the way to my hips. I wore them tied up all the time as they were very heavy. They simplified my life in so many ways. I didn’t have to worry about my hairdo cause everyday it was perfect. My makeup on the other hand was horrific. I looked like a Rastafarian homeless panda bear.

Everyday as I walked to the beach from our family home in Sutivan on Island Brac, I listened to the tunes of Bob Marley. Bob was everything to me that Year. (I went through phases). Even to this day I know lyrics to all Bob Marley songs, there is not a song I haven’t heard , I diged out even some old recordings of him from the internet and learnt them by heart. I was just a high school kid back then, I have never thought my life would amount to much, and I found comfort in his music as it was more about the inside then the outside. Bob’s music made me happy, and I can say it was a nice phase I went through. If someone told me back then that one day I’d be standing in Bob’s house , I’d say ‘’Ur crazy’’. Where I come from it’s not easy to get to places. I never really thought so much about all of these countries as I never believed I’d be able to see them . And here I am 11 years later in the home of reggae.




On the first day in Kingston while we were in the park, a lovely chatty lady striked a conversation. She has big oversized glasses and car keys in her hands. I rememebr her talking to Cheree and them having lots of friends in common. She is the one who does these awesome Trench town tours, and admits they are not yet brought to perfection, but she believes Trench Town is the gateway to Kingston as all most famous artists of Jamaica lived there. They are working hard to bring people closer to the music when they visit Jamaica. She took us through the streets of trench town, and I will admit I was uneasy. Trench town is colourful little place full of alleyways , in some ways peaceful in someways quite vibrant. I didn’t feel like I belonged there, but I didn’t feel like anyone minded anyway.






Coming up to the first street of trench town was quite an experience. Bob Marley’s face is painted all over the neighbourhood. Rastafarian flag colours are what this little place is made off.







As I walked in to the courtyard of his house a familiar smell hit me, on the right side of me a couple of senior Rastas were smoking ganja. It is not illegal to smoke in Jamaica, but it is illegal to poses more than personal amount. I am very pro-marihuana, so I have nothing against it, especially not in Bob’s house where it was a remedy. I walked through the house in 10 minutes, there were some nice photographs of Bob from when he was younger, quite a handsome guy all in all. I found Bob’s room and his bed and suddenly the lyrics ‘’Is this love’’ made sense. I saw Bob’s tiny room and his single bed. He must have been quite short as the bed was tiny. I was not allowed to take any photos of the place , I guess they are trying to keep it a secret so people would actually come. I think people would come anyway.



bob and me



Visiting Bob’s house was just one of awesome experiences I had in trench town. Just after that I was taken to the Jammin studios. I first hand got to experience the studio where Bob made most of his songs. It was quite an experience. Two men, one father of the other were just recording as we entered. We listened to some tunes just before we departed but I left that bit for you to see on the video.








After Trench Town we were taken to a famous spot for those who are hungry. Jamaican love their food spicy so the obvious choice always is Jerk chicken. After 4 days of Jamaican food you kind of get used to it. It is one of those dishes you could eat any time any where. After lunch we had these great plans of going out and discovering the nightlife of Jamaica , but I guess our day was too tiring and it took a toll on us as soon as we arrived back to the hotel. All I remember is waking up the next morning.






*I was a guest of Jamaican Tourist board on this trip, but all opinions are my own


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