…I’ll be waiting in Kingston town

So I am ridiculously enjoying Jamaica!

After my Day in the moon palace, we headed off to Kingston. I was actually wondering what it would be like to do a road trip like this. Ocho Rios is complete opposite of Kingston. Kingston is a very big city, it is not like a dreamy beach resort, but it is not falling behind. Kingston has a story and a soul that you only get to see once you go inside deep. Our hotel is somewhere around the centre called Spanish court hotel. It is placed between all the hustle and bustle of the capital. You most commonly have views of other buildings. But it is a different experience, and it is worth going around to have a look. Even though I loved moon palace, I was eager to continue my journey through Jamaica.

It is quite a shock to move from a white sandy beach to the concrete centre of Jamaica, but I was sure that I will experience great things in Kingston. And I can tell you it did not disappoint. As soon as we arrived to Kingston we had a nice walk through the park , from there we headed off to the national gallery.








I am not really a person who looks at art. I love art but I guess I am more superficial about art then I am deep thinking. However, some pieces in the gallery really personally touched both Charles and me. Charles was mainly hooked on that barrel piece. And if you have a moment to read what it means — you will not regret it.

So apparently in Jamaica it is very common for parents to go to the USA and leave the kids with their relatives or neighbours. Parents find a job in America and then they send toys, food and stuff to their kids once every 6 months in these big barrels. Some kids, such as this artist, never see their parents again, and all they have left as a memory or form of communication are these barrels. The artist has places two chairs on each side, for people to understand how she felt as a child. As she never forgot her parents for leaving her like that, she expressed herself in this heartbreaking piece of art.

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More art tells more stories, but it is for every person to discover what something means to them. I must say Jamaicans have some great artists and painters exposed in this gallery and obviously on the island.  I left the gallery feeling content knowing that Jamaicans are actually in a lot of ways similar to people from my country-Croatia. I found a lot of similarities in cultural things.

After the gallery we got to the Hotel, had some rest and enjoyed the evening at the cabana pool of the Spanish court hotel. Time was passing slow, but the weather is so nice in Jamaica right now. Even though it is 33 celsius in the day it really doesn’t feel so hot. We were taken for dinner to a family owned restaurant, also a jazz bar called Red bones.




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Red bones is a couple of streets away from the hotel so we arrived pretty quickly, the setting was in dimmed ambient with outside seating. Menu is quite typical Jamaican. The owner of the restaurant came to us to say hello. She is half American, half Jamaican half Asian…and apparently Red Bones is a person of a lot of mixes, so she decided to call the restaurant just that. I enjoyed a salmon that was followed by bread pudding and cheese cake. We had some interesting conversations before we all decided to call it a night and prepare for the next day.







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