Jamaica Day No.1 – Moon Palace resort and Mystic Mountain

Hi people! Welcome to Jamaica! These next 6 days I will be posting every day to show you guys what I will be doing on this road trip around Jamaica.

I arrived to Jamaica, Montego bay 2 days ago around 5pm. From the airport I was picked up by the #EnterpriseJamaica car which was taking me to my first hotel. My first hotel is a very famous resort in Ocho Rios called the Moon Palace Resort. A lot of famous singers perform here for the guests, and it has recently been renovated as well.

First night I had some dinner and went straight to bed but the next day I got to enjoy the beautiful beach in the Ocho Rios Bay. I missed the sun, so I made sure I spent as much as possible time before heading off to the famous Mystic Mountain.

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At first glance Jamaica is a gorgeous island. People are super friendly and very approachable. If you remember my last post from ST. Lucia where I wasn’t so impressed with the Sandals resort, I can tell you that Moon Palace Resort  really helped improving that opinion. It is much more international, and even tough it is very big and can hold around 3000 guests, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of people. Ocho Rios is a short drive away, or a nice walk away so lot’s of guests can venture our and explore. The ATM’s are working fine BTW! Didn’t feel like a prisoner at all.

As far as the accommodation goes. Rooms are cozy and spacey. But to be honest, they are not so important. Most of the time you spend exploring or being outside, so if I were you I wouldn’t worry so much about the room standard. Our room was at 11th floor in a third building. Unfortunately our building is the only one without balconies, which is a bit of a let down since we couldn’t enjoy the sunshine in the comfort of our rooms.







But as you can see they are tidy and light, and perfect for what you need on your vacation.


After my beach life we headed off to the SPA to start of the day with a nice massage. We were greeted by two lovely women who pampered us for almost an hour. It was delightful. We could hardly keep awake after that bliss but we had to pack up and head over to the Mystic Mountain.







Enterprise Jamaica got us this cool car to ride around in. It took us maybe 10 minutes to get to the Mystic Mountain. 

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Mystic Mountain is like a fun rainforest on top of the hill. They have zip-lining, bobsled and fun things to do at the top. Of course Zip lining was a bit extreme for us but we managed to enjoy some other things.

We got up sitting on one of those things they use in ski resorts… can’t thing of the name now and don’t want to google cause I like to write how I think. Charles is scared of heights so ai got some fun out of it while catching on some nice views of Ocho Rios.




Bobsled was actually quite scary cause I had to control it, I felt like I was about to fall out of the tracks any moment but thankfully that was not the case and I was paranoid for no reason  because it was super secure. I managed to buy some stuff at the souvenir shop before seeing these two guys doing crazy things.


But something intrigued me even more. It was those bracelets with names. I always wondered how long it took to make them. A woman approached me and told me she makes them in 10 minutes. In her hands she had a book with different names. She said there is over 100,000 names in that book. She finds what sounds most common and makes it. I was impressed! Even as she showed me how she made my name, to me it just looked like the letters appeared out of nowhere. Like magic. You will see my videos and understand what I mean.





We got back down to the ground and waited for our driver to pick us up. From there it was simple. Back to the hotel and some downtime.


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The Moon Palace resort is of an epic proportion. Everything is big , from the lobby, to the spa centre. Makes you wonder if all that space is actually needed, but then again, it is beautiful.




We got to the pool bar and had a couple of drinks. Our wristbands showed the waiters we were inclusive. To be honest, there are different colours of these wrist bands so i am unsure what others stand for, but I will find out 😀





The Sun sets just behind the hill, and if you catch it after it goes down you will catch some amazing pastel coloured skies.


Find out more about Jamaica on their official website <3


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