My Russian learning update (video)

So as you guys maybe know I started learning Russian. I really love the language and I just thought to myself , if Putin rules the world, I will understand why. I am kidding that is too profound, I am too lazy to think like that. I decided to learn Russian because it is very similair to my language, so it is really cause I am lazy.


I also decided not to write too much about it but to make a video, so you can see it here.



I learn Russian in different ways. I use apps, textbooks and a private tutor. I explained everything in the video but I will drop some links here so it’s easier for you to find.

You may ask me why I am not mentioning duo lingo… well I use that one as well but not so much as it has very bad translations, and I don’t want to learn things wrong.

I use :

Babbel app- which is my favourite

I recently tried out Buusu app – but I don’t have many opinions about it at the moment – for community chat and talking – for online tutoring lessons

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