10 reasons why you should go to Belgrade RIGHT NOW!


Have you ever been to Belgrade? It is the capital of Serbia. I know when people say Serbia you have these images in your head of very slavic looking guys in military uniforms smoking and drinking vodka… but you are wrong.


It’s not Vodka it’s Rakija. And it’s freaking awesome!



My friend Amir in Belgrade

Im kidding, no one looks like that in Serbia. They are drunk most of the times but not wearing military outfits and their english is much better then most Europeans. Coming back to being drunk… You would be drunk too if your booze was as cheap as theirs, but we will get to that.

Let me fast forward here. Usually people say that at first when they visit Belgrade its great but later after coming a few times they are bored. But to me it’s the opposite. First time I went there, I was not impressed, but now every time I go there, I love it even more. It’s strange, but I love Belgrade.

So for you who are following me in the UK and USA, I am Croatian which means Serbians are my born neighbours. Not so long ago we used to be one country, but I was very small then so I can’t recall. I have many great friends there and people I know, so as soon as I get an opportunity I fly or drive there.


1.Belgrade is one of those places that is very grey.

The buildings are socialist and everything is full of concrete and it is complete chaos. But you need to thrive in it to fully enjoy it. Belgrade is like an ugly girl with a beautiful soul and mind. Once you get to know it, you don’t care about the outside. Every building you walk in is gorgeously designed.


Kofein – caffe bar



Radisson Blu Belgrade

2.There are restaurants, on top of restaurants, on top of restaurants

And they are all so fucking awesome! Every time I come I come on an empty stomach and I tell the taxi driver to take me somewhere, and it is always amazing! The service, the food the price!! My lord it is incredible.


Shabby chic restaurant on the river


Ceiling of a restaurant in Belgrade


Best steak in Town!

3.People are my favourite still.

So welcoming, curious and helpful. Everyone gives a smile. All people I have met have just been very nice, but I am sure there are some backstabbing assholes there as well, I fortunately have not met them, but that is the reality.


4. Nightlife galore

You can go out any time of the day any day of the week. And they have an extra New Years Eve. Of course they celebrate both of them, so in case one goes wrong, you get a second chance to fix it. Sounds great to me.


5. Waterfront

Unless you have been living under the rock. Belgrade is developing this amazing gorgeous riverside that is oozing in luxury. These buildings are overlooking the river and I cannot wait until I get to see it. The apartments are currently being sold in Harrods in England, meaning there will be some foreign investment coming their way.


6. You can still smoke everywhere.

Which is not the best thing on the planet when you are a non smoker, but I do like to eat and drink and smoke after food. Saves me going in to the freezing cold. I know it is not great but I do enjoy it.


7. So cheap!

Well, at least for the rest of us. Serbia is very affordable. You can eat and drink in a fancy restaurant with three courses for £50. Yes, £50. Cigarettes are £1.50. Renting an apartment of 100 square meters in a fancy neighbourhood is around 800euros. Of course there are more expensive ones and way more cheaper ones but I’m just comparing now.


5 of us ate steaks, starters, salads, and drank water, wine and rakijas and the bill was just over 100 euros. BEAT THAT!

8. Direct flight to New York .

Yes,. Yes,. Yes. Air Serbia now officially has direct flights to New York twice per week. That means that if you wish to go to New York and fancy a nice layover, you should fly over Serbia, if nothing to confirm everything I wrote above.


09. You will love the accent.

It is somewhat exotic to the non speaker. They have a very special accent when they speak. Most people outside like it. I like listening to them talk, it is very interesting. If you are Russian , you will probably understand about 40% of the Serbian language, or 50% of Croatian. Yes we have lot’s in common J

10. It’s big and entertaining.

Belgrade is one of those cities that has many centres. I would compare it to London . There is the touristic part and then there are the shopping, the hip, the traditional parts of it. Depending what your interest is you can switch it up.


So these are my reasons why I would move there…But you, you can just go visit and see for yourself. You will definitely love it! I guarantee it!


You can read a post I did on Belgrade last time I was there. I hope you like it. And I hope you visit it 🙂


My next post will be on Zagreb. My hometown, so I hope you stick for that one as well 😀





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