10 things you should know before visiting Marrakech



  1. Marrakech is conservative


And it’s obvious but, no matter what Trump thinks, it’s an awesome place.  However, it is not quite like Dubai , so if you decide to wear a bit less clothes, be prepared to attract some looks. Dubai is a bit more touristic and has a lot of expats, so there it normal to wear whatever. But Marrakech is still a bit more traditional. Keep that in mind when you are packing for a visit 🙂


  1. Closed Currency

In Marrakech, they use MAD or Moroccan Dirham, You can buy them and sell them only in Morroco.  When you leave the airport you will not be able to exchange them anywhere in Europe. 10 euros is about 1000 MAD. If you plan on eating well and do some shopping, you will probably need around 150 euros per day, but if you take a more local approach you will spend much much less..


  1. Some things are too expensive, and some are too cheap

Even tough a salary in Marrakech is around 250 euros per month, there are really some places in which you can spend all of that in one go before you even sit. Small beers are 10 euros a pop! But so is rest of the alcohol since it’s a muslim country. Food can be very very cheap or very very expensive. It depends where you choose to go.  In the new part of Marrakech you will find some standard European brands, while in Medina you will experience the tradition.


  1. Bartering is the name of the game!

And it is soooo much fun! Try it because the local fellas really love it too. Don’t immediately say yes to the price. My advice is to leave and wait until they run to you because then they will accept the price you offered. You can go down 70% in some instances, so it is worth keeping it in mind when visiting the souk.


  1. Tagine flavoured everything

Tagine is a special way of preparing dishes. Everything is put in this special type of bowl, and it is cooked together until it is so soft you don’t even need to use your teeth. They prepare everything like that, from fish to meat and veggies. Of course it is very delicious, but try some other things as well, they have lovely bread and pastries.


  1. Simple accommodation options

If you prefer things European style, choose a hotel in the new area. Rooms are big and cozy and you have standard hotel service. If you prefer to experience the culture a bit more, choose a traditional RIAD. just be careful as they are hit and miss.


  1. Take the tour guide.

Thank God we took one! There is no wifi anywhere so getting around can be tricky. Do consider having a guide. He will not only show you around but will also advise you on places to go and will show you some hidden gems you would definitely miss if you were alone. They are not expensive but they are worth so much more.



  1. Be careful at the main square

You will not have any bad experiences as a woman. Local men are quite polite and warm.But the women on the square will target you with jewellery and hena. They will tell you it is free but when they are done they will make you pay a lot of money. I am quite a strong personality so I made sure they saw my look when they asked for money. I left but don’t be scared to say no to this people. They can’t do anything to you.


  1. Buy local deli’s

Tea’s are a big thing there, like it is in England. Do try the mint tea if you get a chance, or saffron tea! Get some argan oil or amazing pastries. They sell a lot of spices if you like cooking, so do explore these options. You won’t get to buy that back home.


  1. Temperature is always amazing

Even in middle of the winter it is 18 celsius. The sun is warm and it is very lovely. It gets super hot in April, so thing about visiting between February and April.


Whatever you decide. Enjoy it! It is a very lovely and colourful place!


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