What to do in Marrakech – the Souk

In my previous post I wrote about accommodation in Marrakech, but this time I want to show you what the souk is like and what you can expect from it and of course – why you mustn’t miss it!

Take a guide

Do make an effort to get a guide. Our guide was so helpful and he took us places most of you won’t be able to see if you are by yourself. It is really worth the while to have one around. They explain everything and can advise on great things, like where to go and eat and buy certain items… Our guide Abdel was amazing, so I really got to learn and see a lot but it was not physically challenging at all. It was like a nice stroll down the street. Our guide took us through suikats in the Medina and walked us up to the big Souk, but on the way we got to see the school in Medina and the Museum, so it was a very nice and cultural walk.






Try and Barter it is fun!


Please don’t think it is scary to barter. We had a load of fun with the locals. They are nice and polite people who love their jobs. Every time we came to the shop they felt obliged to offer us a lower price. At first we felt a bit uncomfortable but when we realised the potential of this cultural trait, we were bartering like professionals! We came out of the Souk super happy with our purchases. We felt that the things we got were a good price, did we overpay? Doesn’t matter, what matters is we were satisfied with what was offered. Do try, it is after all what they love the best!




We got lost in the Souk many times, it is incredibly large place. They sell everything there, there is nothing you won’t find in the souk. It is fun to explore and to walk through or just observe others as they shop. I really had a great time.





Their breads are an absolute delight! They are always fresh and amazing! If you come buy a baker or bakery make sure you try this amazing piece of art! All breads are made of spelt, so no bad digestion or bloating 😀







End your Souk exploration at the Main Square with some amazing food!


After all the shopping you will become hungry, so make sure you try one of their sky terraces with amazing views of the square and the houses. We ate at a place called Myth and were very satisfied with the food and the service! Choose the traditional restaurants over the French ones, you are in Marrakech after all 🙂

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If I were you I would call it a day. You’ll be tired and full from all the food. Take a rest in your hotel or apartment or Riad and let me show you in my next post what you can eat on a nice evening in Marrakech 🙂

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