Where to stay – Marrakech

I came back from my trip last week. I needed some time to think and absorb the thoughts and the memories before I could commit to actually writing a post about it. I was there for three days, and it was amazing. First because the weather was lovely! 18 celsius! And second because I got to escape the everyday life and visit something new.


I wanted to start this post by recommending you where to stay. Well, actually I only stayed at one place so that’s all I can recommend really.

Business class room at Radisson Blu Marrakech

I was stationed in the new part of Marrakech which was built by the French. The whole area is very European. There are some typical European shops and caffe’s. My hotel was Radisson Blu and it is a very lovely hotel. The rooms are cosy and most of them are looking at the central pool. I was on the fourth floor in a business class room, which was roomy and very nice.








Hotel entertainment

Radisson Blu in Marrakech has a very nice bar that is looking at the pool , which consists of a cosy modern lounge area and a little stage.They often have live singers or dj’s playing there. But don’t worry it’s only until 23PM so you can get some beauty sleep if you get tired of sight seeing.





Radisson Blu Marrakech – food

I had a chance to explore the food options in the hotel, and they were all really lovely. The seating areas are very diverse. You can choose the more classical restaurant part or the more romantic one. The atmosphere is very Scandinavian with minimalistic details as well as far tones mixed with the favourite sand shades of Morocco. It is a place to have a nice quite dinner, lunch or breakfast.















Why you should stay here and what is close

If you prefer the typical European style service you should definitely think about staying at Radisson, but if not, then maybe choose a more classical and traditional riad. Just be careful as riads can be hit and miss. If you go for Radisson you will have a vast quantity of shopping centres and shops around you as well as bars and cafes. You will be only 5 minutes away from the central square and a short drive from Medina. Some amazing fancy restaurants are nearby Radisson that you should definitely check out once you get there. If you choose the Riad anyway, make sure you know the distance between it and the city.


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