How to pack everything in a tiny suitcase!

Today I left for Marrakech. I am going with a Croatian travel agency called They are offering a trip to Marrakech soon so they invited me to try it out firsthand and tell you guys all about it. Before I start telling you about my journey I wanted to show you how I pack lightly for short trips and hopefully it will help you guys in the future.

I decided to go with hand luggage. It is much easier and quicker for me. First of all I don’t have to wait for my suitcase on arrival which saves me loads of time, and second i don’t fill my suitcase with unnecessary things.
Since I travel a lot, i can tell you that it is very irritating going away with a huge suitcase.
Handluggage is also great because there is no fear of an airline losing your stuff.

What should you bring? 

I am going away for three nights. I am bringing everything in 3’s.
—> Three pairs of underwear
—> Three pairs of socks
—> Three pairs of trousers
—> Three collared shirts
—> Extra : a sweater, a cardigan and a coat that I will wear to the airport, as well as one pair of sneakers.
You may notice that all of my clothes are in similair colour. So let me explain why. It is easier to combine them. If they are all in same tones, you don’t have to worry about styling. Everything works with each other and you don’t have to worry about matching colours or what goes with what. Everything goes with everything! Yaaay! It doesn’t just save you space, it also saves you the worry of the almighty ‘’I have nothing to wear’’ moment. This is the best thing I do, and it works!

How to pack like a master!

But how do you fit everything you need in a small luggage. I use a military packing skill. It is basically rolling all of your things in to the suitcase. Trust me it works so well! You can fit almost twice as much then you do when you fold them. The only downside is that it creases, but I have a solution for that as well, and it is this tiny traveling iron you see in the suitcase.
It fits everywhere and it is super cute! You can see that not only did I fit everything, I can fit another top row of things, so I could pack for 7 days in this little luggage.
It’s a very small suitcase!

Weather conditions

It is kind of warm there, but not summer warm, so  obviously I decided to go with everything long, not just cause it is cold but also because it is a muslim country and I like to respect the culture. Always check the weather before going!

Useful space saving items!

I have this little fold up backpack that I always take with me, just in case I go shopping so I get some extra space for things, but also when I walk around town I have a backpack that is waterproof. It’s not the nicest one but it is useful.
Little iron. I need it always and sometimes hotels don’t have them, so i take this cute one with me and it is actually amazing! Much better than the regular one!
Packing squares. Great for space managing and for hygiene. Put your underwear inside or makeup to avoid it getting dirty or spilling everywhere in your suitcase. At the end of the trip just put your dirty socks and underwear in the packing square.
Another helpful thing if you don’t own a small rolling lugagae suitcase like me, is this trolly. Simply put your hand lugage on to it and roll it down like a master that you are!

You can find more awesome stuff to hel you with easier travelling at

Things you should never forget when travelling with hand luggage!

Keep the liquids and electronics  out, or close to you. Otherwise you have to open your luggage in front of everyone, and also it takes ages sometimes.
Take only the most necessary! You don’t need 7 pairs of pants and shirts for a short break. You re going to explore and enjoy, not to walk on a runway.
Wear one of the outfits to the airport. If you are going for three days, pack everything and then take out what you want to wear the first day. It will give you extra space to put your shopping in, or you can add something to it.
Watch the weight and size. Some airlines are super anal about the sizes of luggage and the weight. To avoid paying extra for checking it in, pack as small as you can!
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