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Yes, another new year resolution post! I really need to make some changes in my life so I decided to share with you 12 things I will try to improve in my life and blog in next 12 months.


Be more organised and neat

Last year my biggest struggle was not making a mess and not being organised. Since I won some awards and gained recognition in the blogging community. Things started happening really quickly for me and I must be honest, I was not prepared. So this year I will make an effort to clean my house more and to stay on top of my things and projects.



Healthier living

To be honest I am so over drinking in order to socialise. Last year I HAVE DRANK MORE champagne then Marilyn Monroe probably did. And since I am no longer a young teenager , this occasional drinking is taking its toll on me, so in this year I decided to cut off alcohol from my life. Im not saying I will never drink again, but I am definitely going to try and choose my occasions. Speaking of healthy I also want to eat healthier which brings me to…


Learn how to cook

We work a lot in our office and sometimes we don’t eat until 5pm. When 5pm comes we are so hungry and nervous that we can’t even think. We usually venture out to eat outside but I want to stop that too. I’d like to make an effort to learn to cook so we can focus on work and not waste time looking for restaurants.


Plan my travelling better

Everything happens so quickly and sometimes I don’t have time to plan my journey. This year I am going to make more effort to visit places I want and make the most out of them


Be more considerate of others

I really try to be the best I can for others, but sometimes I forget about others. So this year I want to do more for other while still doing things for me.


Work twice harder

Even though I worked so much last year because of my horrible organisation skills I haven’t done things properly and I was quite slow with projects. This year I want to work twice harder so I can do better


No more laziness

I am very lazy. Everything is distracting me from the goal. So this year I want to e less lazy and do more things even if I don’t want to or don’t feel like it.

Write more often

I am so sorry for being so lazy and slow. When I travel it is impossible for me to concentrate and edit all the photos. This year I will try to post more for you guys. I will also ask you to give me more opinions and ideas.


Make more videos

Lets be real, videos is what its all about. Not everyone has time to read and write all the time. This year I will try and make ,ore vlogs for you people. So I really hope you like it.



Do more giveaways

I know you guys love them, and so do I, so I promise this year I will make more giveaways for all of you pees following me, because you deserve it.


Be more lifestyle.

It is impossible to travel all the time, so I will try concentrate on more lifestyle topics cause I noticed you really like them. You will find more things about places to go , things to do at home, business topics and organisation skills. I am really excited!


Change my style

Last year laziness effected how I dress as well, so this year you will again see the old me. No more jeans and tshirts. I am tired of being a lazy dresses. This year except some changes in my looks

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