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How to always be happy!


I get asked a lot why I am always so happy, or why I am so calm in stressful situations  A lot of people take it as me not caring, but the truth is, I care. But I care about happiness more.

I used to be this very grumpy uninterested person. I walked fast, I didn’t talk to many people, I avoided eye contact and I could never talk on the phone to strangers. I had a lot of anxiety when I was younger. I just hate when other people ruin your day. I hate waking up to angry people or bad news. I hate insulting, I hate yelling and I hate anything related to stress. So a couple of years ago before I started my blog, just this time of year I decided to just be happy. But how can you be happy if everything around you is falling apart? Simple you force yourself, you pretend and then happiness comes.


Be Thankful

I know waking up on a Monday morning with period pains is not the best day, but it can happen. And no matter how much you hate the world that day, remember there are women who would kill to have a period. You are blessed with a healthy body and that period cannot stop you. Resist the urge to be angry or ungrateful. Next time you are angry cause you are stuck in traffic or you spilled coffee on your shirt, remember, there are people who don’t have cars, jobs shirts or coffee. Everything happens for a reason, really believe that. Laugh at the traffic jam, laugh at your stained shirt, at your period. Smile about everything even if you really don’t want to. Literally say out loud ‘’ thank you life for this a healthy uterus  thank you life for making sure I can afford a car to get stuck in a traffic jam, thank you life for this coffee I spilled cause I can afford to have another one. It may be stupid at the time, but even if you do this just for one week, you will change your life forever.

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Be pleasant – always!

Some people bring out the worse in us. But everyone is having a day that is not that great. When you walk in to a shop and the woman on the register is angry or grumpy or just not nice, be nice to her. Smile, say hello, ask how she is, crack a joke. Then say goodbye with a smile. Maybe just maybe her day becomes better and then she smiles to someone else and that person becomes happy again. Start a domino effect of happiness, even if you are having the shittiest day ever. Don’t make other people your punching bag. Don’t snap, don’t stress, and don’t explode  Stay calm, find something positive in negative, smile, say everything will be okay. You can do this.


Don’t let it be hard

Don’t be lazy to go to the shop, to get of the sofa to grab a drink from the kitchen, to vacuum the carpet, to do anything. Do everything. Everything you do even if you don’t want to do it will bring more things to do. It will bring more opportunity, more experience, more knowledge. It may seem stupid, but trust me it works. Your energy is amazing and when you are active and energetic life gives you more amazing opportunities. When you just don’t want to go out cause its cold, just go out to the cold, live a little!


Say yes to new things!

Have you ever watched a foreign movie and you were like, I wish I could understand it. Well, you can. Learn another language. There are so many learning apps! I am learning Russian right now, and I am so happy I started! When some guy asks you out and he is kind of not your type, just do it. What do you have to lose? Say yes to an assignment at work that you don’t even know how to do. Just learn as you go. Say yes to life and life will say yes to you.


Don’t stress it

So you have a parking ticket? You have a bill to pay? And you are just so fucked off right now and getting deep in your conscious thinking of what could have or should have been. Stop that. A bill is a bill and no matter how much you stress it will still be there and it still needs paying. So instead of being angry at yourself just concentrate on work and when you can pay it. Don’t feel bad about it, don’t replay things from history, they wont change anything. Don’t stress, just stay calm and deal with it and then force yourself to be happy again. If you start stressing everything will go wrong that day.

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Believe In Karma

If yo don’t do anything bad, nothing bad will happen to you. Do good and stop yourself before doing something bad. Some things are not worth the bad mojo. Don’t gossip, don’t manipulate, don’t control, don’t lie, and don’t be greedy. Be respectful, be fair and be modest and humble. If you feel guilty about something, fix it or teach yourself a lesson. I promise you if you are generous and kind and always wearing a smile, karma will do wonders for you.


Give others what you need

If today you need a compliment  give one to someone. If you want a hug, give a hug to someone. If you want someone to respect you, respect them. If you want a smile, give a smile. Give to others things that you need, because they will return the favour and soon you will be surrounded by people who are caring and loving and understanding of your needs.


Stay grounded

Don’t brag about the good things you have done. Nobody likes a bragger. Do good , give but never expect anything in return, because you might be disappointed  You have to know that you are you and you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you, but respect everyone and treat everyone equally  People will be naturally more attracted to you and will feel they can confide in you. You will be happier knowing that people honestly like you for being like that.


Forgive and forget

Holding grudges is the worst thing anyone can do to themselves. Living in the past is so sad and inconvenient for your future. What ever happened before, should stay there. It is called past for a reason. Don’t get stuck in old fights, enemies or situations. Live for today, make today so great that yesterday doesn’t matter at all. Who cares about you ex boyfriend and some girl he cheated on you with. Fuck both of them. You can have thousands by the day you die. No need to waste your precious time and youth thinking of someone you don’t even like! Think about someone you like, create positive and happy memoriesThe best is yet to come!


Love yourself first

This is so important. Learn to love yourself. Wear what you want, do what you want, be friends with who you want, eat what you want, but remember to love it. Love yourself because if you don’t love yourself it will be so hard for other people to love you. Give love, be the love. That love comes from deep within and people can feel it. They need it so they seek for it. No matter what someone else made you think, you are special. You are unique, there is no one else like you on this planet! Remember it.


Make a wish everyday

Every morning you wake up, make a wish. Wish for something nice, like a good career  success in work, happy family, situations, things, moments. Wish for something, and then work towards it. In no time you will be seeing your wish come true.


Make your bed everyday!

This may seem silly but it works. Your brain gets a certain pleasure when performing tasks. When you achieve the task, your brain gets energy to complete more and your mental state improves to positive . Making the bed in the morning is the first task of the day you will complete, and it will feel great. Other tasks will fall in place.


Don’t say it!

Sometimes you want to say something but you know you will regret it, so don’t say it. Sleep on it, think about it. Tomorrow you wont be so angry. I just sleep over an issue, and then I notice in couple of days it was not even worth the bother. Saying something would cause me stress and it was not important. Same thing goes for actions. Sometimes its good to stop and think. Things then fall in place.


Live and let live

This is the most important. We all come from different backgrounds and families. We are all very different, this is why we don’t know what other peoples morals are. Something that you consider crazy to other people its normal, so instead of questioning it, insulting it or trying to fix it, embrace it, be interested, try to understand it in your own way. Not everyone wants to be like you and not everyone thinks like you, and that’s great! It makes you who you are so be happy for all the diversity.


You are enough!

You are enough. You are not a half of something. You don’t always need to fill the void or have someone who will fill it. You are a whole person, and if you walk through life with curiosity that was given to you, you will be full-filled with amazing things this year. Just follow your heart and your gut and don’t feel like you are missing our on something. You know exactly what you need.


You only live once

Eat that cake. Buy those shoes, take that trip, kiss that guy, have another drink… you never know what tomorrow brings!


These are just some of things that make me smile everyday  This is why I love life and why life loves me back. I am living it , I am enjoying it and I am happy for it. So drop all the ego and negativity, life is not about that.Life is whatever you make it, so make it damn good this year!


YOU CAN DO THIS! No one else will do it for you!





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