I did it. I got myself some new nails. I know how upset a lot of you were to see my nails biten, so I decided to stop biting them and make them. I decided to try the Chrome because I really like it.



Karmen and I went to a nearby cafe and while sipping coffe and talking about things life related, we took some time to take some photos of these gorgeous nails made by Lala Nails.

That was my last phtoshoot in year 2016! I am so looking forward to 2017. A lot of people said they hated 2016 but I must say, I actually quite liked it. I am entering the new year even in style, I have nails, new makeup and am just missing that perfect outfit.





I have been playing with some new makeup lately so I created some looks and will be making a video soon for everyone 🙂


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