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Hello my dearest readers. This month has been insane on my blog. Over 300,000 visitors! I want to thank all of you for clicking and reading. It really makes me love what I do. Many of you have asked me how I manage money for travelling, and you also expressed that you want to travel more. I must say I was never a materialistic person. I really never cared about expensive clothes or cars. Of course I buy clothes and stuff I like but the rush I get from buying a new item is gone really soon. This is why I don’t buy branded stuff so often and keep it to the minimum and a special occasion.


But recently I did some research to see if I can come up with a cool way for you guys to get engaged and save money for travelling. There are many ways in which you can do that, but I wanted to dedicate this post to a really cool service I found while browsing the internet.


Money doesn’t buy happiness but it gives you options


So just to kind of lead you in to the service and why I felt a connection to it. When I was a kid my mom always said, don’t buy kids stupid gifts, give them a card with £10 and let them buy what they want. I was pretty much invited to all the birthdays because of it, but I just thought it was such a cool thing to do. Because then they could use the money to buy what they really wanted. Sometimes it is hard to know what someone wants. And of course not everyone agrees with that policy but realistically money gives you options. Of course when its Christmas or something, we like those little gifts from the heart, however travelling is not a little gift. It is an investment. But it is the best investment. It lasts longer than any bag, any pair of shoes, or any wearable item you get tired of. You can’t get tired of experience.


How will I get all that money ?



Wether you are planning a party, collecting money for your honeymoon, having a birthday, anniversary or whatever, now your friends can get involved, and instead of buying you gifts, they can put that money in your pot and you can use it for whatever you need.


Ok let’s get to business….


So I stumbled upon SWOOSCH . Swoosch is sort of a crowdfunding platform but made for your friends and family. It is quite a cute way of endorsing the wanderlust desires of those closest to you. It is really simple. You just create a profile, you can login with Facebook, super simple. Then you have the option of creating a pot.



You can create the pot for anything really. You can create it for parties, or for birthdays or gifts, weddings, honeymoons, group holidays, cars, travelling, whatever you want.

The best thing is, if you do not reach the goal, no worries, no one is taking your money, you can spend it however you want on whatever you want.

If you are wondering: ‘’ why don’t I just open a bank account and receive money there’’. Well, of course you could. But it is quicker and easier to invite people through there’s no need to share bank details, friends and family can donate in a few clicks by following your link. It is easier to track who has donated, so you know who to thank. You can easily collect from friends and family in different countries using the same link. And you don’t have to rely on people having cash on them. Also you can keep it a secret if you are planning a surprise.

Collect memories not things

So , in my country the tradition is , when family and friends come to the wedding they either bring a gift or give money. I don’t want that. I don’t want a pile of stuff I will probably never use. So for example, I love travelling and there is nothing id love more than an epic honeymoon, so I can set up a pot and everyone who wants can contribute instead of bringing me envelopes and gifts. With cash I then have to make a trip to the bank to deposit it, with Swoosch I can transfer it to my bank account in a click. It is easier for eveyone all round.

If they don’t want to, than me and Charlie can use it as a savings account. Works however you want.



Hey! Maybe you create a pot for a friends birthday and you collect a nice sum between your group. You could then treat them to some nice French wine in Paris , or a Harajuku madness in Tokyo. Each person can also leave a personal message when they contribute.

Or maybe there is someone in you neighbourhood who is not doing that well and they maybe need something they can’t afford. You can use Swoosch for that too!!


I just thought it is a very cool social way of getting what you want with a little help from your friends instead of hoarding things you will probably never use.


I hope some of you use it and I hope those closest to you invest in your happiness. Those small investments will last for a lifetime in your life, and those people will always be known as those who supported your desires, so whenever you show those photos to your grand kids, those people will be there too.


What are you waiting for? SWOOSCH IT!




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