Day two at Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah

Okay I have to admit, I started feeling a little claustrophobic the second day. It’s just this notion of not being to go anywhere that was kind of new to me. There is of course a positive side to this —  time goes really, really slowly. On my second day I already felt like it was my fifth day. I decided to explore the resort some more, and made my second day a really fun day.

Actually , On my second day I ate more than I would normally eat in a week! So I started my morning with a breakfast at the resorts Breeze buffet restaurant. The variety of food was incredible. There was something for everyone, which was a dash of fresh air. I say that because on my last trip to Cannes, we had really bad breakfast options.






I took some time to absorb the view, and take some photos of the beach. It was really hot outside, but bearable compared to the temperatures in June. Maybe you remember my first trip to Dubai last year in June, now that was hot!!


As any girl would, after breakfast I headed to the resorts shop. I was looking to buy a Kaftan or an Abaya, so I made a mess trying things on. There were some really impressive things in there. But I didn’t end up buying anything at the end, cause I really wanted to visit the Souk in Dubai.








It was time to do some work after roaming around, so we spent some hours in our room just working and responding to emails. And eventually I got hungry again. The great thing about resorts is that they offer a lot of variety in restaurants. So for Lunch we decided to visit their Steak house which was located at the other pool. The other side of the resort is mainly for families. There is entertainment for kids, and it is a really great resort to bring your family.


We sat down in the restaurant which is just between the beach and the pool so we had nice views on each side. I went with the seafood platter, and Charles decided to go with a steak, as per usual.









The service here was so great, I even had a diva moment while having lunch. 





But the day wasn’t over yet. It takes some time for the food to come down in this heat, but that did not stop us to eat again. The resort had just something new added to their menu which was an Arabic restaurant with a Hint of indian cuisine. You only live once, so I thought to myself :”When will I get to try this again”. I felt really full, but I needed to try it. To be honest, to me that was the best food option in this resort. The food was absolutely amazing! Delightful! I could have just ate there from morning until the next. Chef’s were incredible! You know I am not much of a food blogger, but food is kind of a big deal in my line of blogging. Travel takes all forms, from culture, food to fashion so this is a very important part of my job. Unfortunately my appetite is not very big so I leave some food on the plate most of the times. That is exactly why I love food like this. It gives me the option to experience a little bit of everything.













After that, we had to go to sleep. I mean how can you even survive after eating so much three times per day. Especially in the heat and the humidity surrounding us.

I always hear on my social media comments from people that I should eat more, and that I am too skinny. Well , I hope those people are reading now, because frankly, I believe I eat quite a lot for a small person like myself.


Stay tuned for my next post which will be full of relaxing and romance 🙂


*I was hosted by The Radisson Blu Resort for this trip and my stay and all meals were complimentary.

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