Arriving to Fujairah – Sharks, burgers and a massive room!


Last 10 days I had the pleasure and the honour of visiting three different cities in the UAE. I have previously been to UAE but only in Dubai . Being able to visit a couple of more places was an amazing opportunity! Most of us always visit either the capital, or the most popular city when we go somewhere, and that is great ! -but other cities are nice too, so when you get a chance to actually go back, you want to see something different. I hope I’m not wrong?

I wanted to start with Fujairah because I know it takes a couple of days to settle in before you get the urge to explore. I went to a town called Dibba to be precise, which is only an hour and a half away from Dubai by car. I really didn’t know what to expect, so I just went with the flow. Upon arrival to Radisson Blu resort I have already seen that there is not much around it – thus it being a resort. It kind of made me feel a bit more relaxed knowing that, because I would tire myself out if I had a city in close distance. I was so excited not to do anything. In the past year I have done so many city breaks, so I really needed somewhere to relax and enjoy. Little did I know, how much enjoyment I would get. That night we arrived really late. It was around 1 am , and obviously the only thing we wanted to do was go to bed after our long flight. The concierge took us to our room, and if you follow me on Instagram, you will know how shocked I was when I opened the doors!


I have never in my life seen a room that big! It is almost the size of my apartment! Even though at first I was impressed, I did start to think it is a bit of a waste of space. The table in the living room was really humongous, and unnecessary for two people. I think they should have made it maybe just a tiny bit modern but keeping that Arabic look and feel. Speaking of which, favourite colours over there are cream, sand and beige. They do love their sandy colours. Can’t blame them, when you see my upcoming posts from the desert, you will understand why.







If you are still reading this, and I really hope you are, I wanted to share an interesting fact with you. It was so humid that night, that our bed was damp. I had to turn air-con to maximum so everything would dry out. Next day we decided to undo the bed so the ‘’humidity’’ doesn’t stick to the duvet. But that bed was really really comfortable. As far as the resort goes, it is huge. I was checking if I took everything from the room before I left because going back to the room was an exercise.

Next day we woke up and decided to chill for a bit before doing some activities. I decided that snorkelling would be a fun thing to do. I actually wanted to diving but you need to have a licence to do it.




After our chill we went to the diving centre to get changed and have some fun in the sea. We were picked up by a boat and were taken to the nearby rock where we started snorkelling. I saw some amazing fishes down at the bottom, but we also got to swim with a shark and a really cute turtle. I have never seen a big turtle and it was so fun 😀 I dived to come closer to it and we had a little swim together.








After a tiring hour of snorkelling, we got back to the land and were starving. I guess the sea really makes you hungry, so we decided to try some food at the lounge bar just outside of the hotel.

We were served a delicious summer salad which was a combination of fruits and vegetables. It was really realy lovely!




We also had a little visitor, who was also hungry so we decided to treat her as well. Charles wanted to take her home with us. I think he fell in love with her.




Shortly after we were served some awesome burgers. To be precise duck and crab burgers. And they were awesome!








Let me show you how awesome the burger was.







I have never smoked shisha so here was my chance to do it. I had no idea how to do it either. I have seen some of those videos online where people blow insane smoke out but unfortunately I was not one of those people. Actually, I was so bad at it , that Charles recorded it and laughed at me.




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