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Everybody – Yamamay Fall



In my previous post, I showed you guys a couple of things I got from Yamamay’s new collection ”Everybody”. You can read more about it here. This time I chose to switch things up a bit.


On these two photos I am wearing a silky two piece. Perfect for sleeping in or just lounging around the house.Material is so comfortable you can barely feel it . But if you are not so innocent and prefer going a bit wild… the next one is the one for you.



Now this one is for the wild hearts. I can see multiple ways of this two piece to be used. You can use just the top and use t as outerwear, or if you are brave, you can wear the two piece outside as well. To be honest. I probably wouldn’t feel brave enough unless I was a professional dancer or a rock star! But the top, I will totally rock in some of my future posts.

This two piece can be found on their website.


This top has a built in bra, so you don’t have to worry about wearing anything underneath it. Quite convenient , don’t you think? It is also so comfortable, during winter, it could give you some extra warmth under a shirt.



There are more amazing things in their newest collection, which you can check out here.


Which one do you want? 🙂



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