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Quick Guide to Cannes

Cannes is a small town. Small but has a lot to offer. I am always so excited to reach a city that is different from the previous one. As you know, I travelled a lot this past year and a half since I started blogging. It feels like more, but I guess – it is what it is. Cannes was on my list because I wanted you to see it off season. I wanted to explore more places after summer, because I like travelling when places go quiet. This is not my first time here, but it is first time on the blog.




SHOPPING in Cannes

Cannes is famous for it’s shopping. It is literally shop-on-shop . I actually felt poor walking down the riviera. No kidding! Everyone who is anyone is there. Chanel, Valentino, Prada, Gucci, Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Celine, Fendi – you name it! I would need at least £20,000 to do a decent shopping in Cannes. If you come from that 1% and have some extra to spare, then Cannes is really a glorious place for a vacation and melting that platinum card. If nothing, you can day-dream. Or just eat your way through it, like I did 🙂


The riviera













There is nothing I love more than enjoying a meal. That is a problem when you travel all the time. You get to try out the best of the best, the original recipes made in that country itself! I am a big lover of beef tartar and carpaccio so voila!  When in France. I must not forget the amazing Crepes either. These things don’t come so authentic everywhere. Luckily, living in London is like living everywhere, so I do get a chance to visit some French restaurants around my apartment, however, it is never quite the same.It’s missing that French vibe!

Cannes offers an amazing variety of restaurants. There is one literally every 5 meters. The beach is full of them, hotels are full of them, whole town is just a Gastronomical heaven. Pour me some Nutella and whipped cream on those Crepes mister!



3.14 rooftop




3.14 beach club – Salmon



3.14 Rooftop tapas




It is quite a scenic place. It is an old town with an old soul. Beautifully placed by the sea, full of things to do, drink, see and eat. It also has a lot of history, a castle and museums. Art lovers would enjoy Cannes as well, it radiates with creativity and passion.

Walking up through the alleys –  in only 5 minutes – you will get to see the whole view of Cannes. Oh ! And the sunset skies from the town are something else!!!  The sky is covered in pastel colours, making Cannes and idilic place for Romance. Hotels in Cannes 90% of times have something going on , on their rooftops, so catching sunsets, sunrises or just lovely views is really not hard. This place is made to impress you. The nightlife is quite fancy as well. People make a lot of effort to look good in Cannes.







3.14 Rooftop


3.14 hotel Beach Club



How to get there? What to do? What if you get bored?


The best way to get to Cannes from the airport is by the train. Cannes is very well connected by railway. You can hop on a train to Monaco, Nice or Antibes. You will be there in 30 minutes! I mean that’s like going from my apartment in Fitzrovia to Oxford Street in traffic 🙂 6 euros is the ticket.  But if you want to be a Creme de La Creme and show of –  Well… why not a helicopter? Or a private Car?  You can get an Uber-copter for 160 euros – per person of course!

Or rent a super car (for ridiculous amount of money)  and drive to ST. Tropez?

If you are in Cannes now I do suggest you go see the Salvador Dali exhibition which is just by the Casino.

Explore, walk, shop and take lots of photos. Cannes is really a small treasure chest waiting to be raided 😀






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