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In my previous post I showed you guys where I slept during my short stay In Nice. This article is not going to be full on touristic, because there is only so much you can do in less than 24 hours. I arrived to Nice around 4 pm so I already lost a good part of the day.




I always tell people when they go on these hectic short city breaks not to tire themselves out with too many touristic things. Especially if you have a chance to return to that place again. I like to get a feel for the place and if I feel comfortable as soon as my feet touch the ground, I know I will return.


So to get straight to business. Nice is a big city unlike Cannes. It is actually a proper city on the sea. There is a little bit less of discretion and intimacy and a bit more of that big city vibe. I actually regret now not staying longer because I am afraid I won’t be able to tell you exactly what Nice is. I did not have enough time to explore.


What I can tell you is that Nice is 30 minutes away from everywhere else. So for example; if you want to visit Monaco, it is only 20 minutes on a train. Which is especially great if you are a bit lower on your budget, but still want to experience Cote d’Azur. Trains are very frequent.


Our hotel was slap in the centre, 6 km from the airport. I took an Uber for 16 euros, which was half price from the regular taxi that waits at the airport which was around 30 euros to centre.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.02.00


Uber took me straight to the hotel and from there a walked maybe 5 minutes to reach the hustle and bustle of Nice.


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Nice has a lot of cafes and little brasseries and restaurants all around, so my advice is to just go for a walk and get lost. That way you will really understand what Nice is.


If you do decide to take a day trip to Cannes, Antibes or Monaco. You can buy a train ticket for about 6 euros and you will arrive in 30 minutes max. Then you have a whole day of exploring another city and adding it to your world map. That is definitely my favourite thing about Nice. You don’t feel trapped and it is not expensive to take the train.

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One other thing I love in Cote d’Azur is that every time you order some drinks, you will be served some sort of nibble. Literally, every place we sat in served us food with the drinks even though we didn’t ask. That makes the pricey drinks even more convenient! Actually it makes it so convenient we didn’t even have dinner that day! Merci!




Beside the restaurants and the obvious beach life, there are a lot of shops. Interesting shops mixed in with the regular high-street brands that make Cote d’Azur a very fashionable place.

So I guess you see where I am going with this. Nice is an excellent choice.

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To summarise most important:

Take an Uber to the city from the airport

Take a train to neighbour cities in 30 minutes

Stay in lovely Splendid Hotel to experience Nice rooftop views

Get lost roaming around

Order drinks and enjoy the nibbles

Do some shopping for souvenirs

Go to the beach or hang by the pool


Photo taken at Splendid hotel rooftop in Nice


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