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So you want to be a blogger?



I decided to write this post because I get asked about this a lot. Everyone wants to know what is it like to be paid to live? Well, it’s better than most things, but it comes with it’s downsides. So I decided to dedicate this blog post to those who want to be bloggers 🙂




I love being paid for what I love to do. It gives me great pleasure to open my emails and never know what is hiding behind it. I can wake up when I want and go to sleep when I want, and if I make a mistake I can only blame myself.





I never know where I am going next. Every month I get a new opportunity to see places I never visited and I get all of my expenses paid just to write about it and experience it myself. It is truly a blessing.


Meeting new and interesting people

I get invited to awesome events not open to public. I get to try new food, restaurants ,bars and other fun things. I meet other likeminded people in this business and network with them and learn from them.


Everyday is christmas


Fashion brands contact me when they have a new line, or travelling products get sent my way. My postman has abs from climbing up the stairs with all the packages I get sent. Then I have the pleasure of looking through all the stuff I was sent, I try them out, if I like them I write about them, and if I don’t I mention that as well, or sometimes don’t even write about it and gift it to someone who will have more use of it.


It’s motivating


Because I don’t know what is around the corner, I need to always be in the loop and always progress. It works great for my mind and challenges my intelligence. I need to learn quick and be up to date so I don’t get left behind.


Now the bad stuff


No security

One month Im making it rain, next month my eyes are raining and my pockets screaming. There is no security in this job. There is no steady cash flow, no security whatsoever, one day you are here, next day someone else is. Competition is huge and you always have to fight. You may be blogging for years and then lose everything you have.


People want me to work for free


People don’t understand that this is my job. I live because of this. I pay my rent with this, this puts food on my table, feeds my cat, and my bunny and everything else. I would love to pay my rent in clothes and gifts, but unfortunately  banks don’t accept gifts. Only cash. I spend a lot of time writing and making content and building audience and I will not give it for free. I will not turn my blog in to an advertising panel for other people. This is my life.


No steady relationships


This job doesn’t allow me to be very social. Which is ironic because I love social networks, but I am always on the go or in my office and hardly ever have time to meet someone or drink coffee unless its business. I would really like to meet some people who do the same stuff I do so I could talk about things that interest me even if its skype only. I hope I keep some relationships together because I would hate to be one of those people that travels the world meets everyone but dies alone.


People asking me ‘’what do you do?’’


When I tell people I am a blogger everyone rolls their eyes. No one takes it seriously because they don’t understand it. I usually tell them I have one of those Kim Kardashian jobs where they pay me to breathe. Seriously, I don’t have energy to explain anything to anyone.


Everyone asking me for an opinion


There is a point where free advice stops, but I haven’t reached that point yet. I like what I do but I also like to talk about other things. Just girly stuff. I don’t always like to be asked about my blog and how have done it, because I don’t know. And everyone forgets that everyone else asks me that, so I just keep having the same conversation to everyone. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing else to say.


I hope this helped and that you will see beyond  the negative and take a leap of faith anyway. Blogging is fun but it is a job if you choose it to be. It consumes you and everyone around you. Everyone becomes your photographer , everything you do becomes a post on your blog. Everything you own becomes something to write about. Sometimes it is hard to escape it because your blog is actually you, depending what topic you choose. But do it, try it, love it, if it doesn’t work out there are always other things to do.


Leave questions in comments 🙂

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