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You need a bunny in your life now!



A lot of you think cats and dogs when you think pets. But have you ever thought about having a bunny? I didn’t. On easter I was in Split and I saw the cutest little bunny in the window. He was so cute I almost bought him. However I decided not to. Charles later on surprised me with my bunny Pablo. We named him Pablo because of his funny white noise. Pablo Escobunny. At first I was not so impressed. He was so scared of me and peed and pooped everywhere but now when he is a little older I can see the benefits.


Baby Pablo

  1. They are not high maintenance

Very similar to cats, they are super individual. They have their own characters and only come when they want something. They are all sooo different, some like to cuddle more, some don’t like cuddling at all. Pablo is not very cuddly but he likes to give kisses. They eat fruits ,vegetables, herbs, pellets and hay. All of those things are super easy to find and buy.


  1. They are too cute to be true


Once they grow up you will become obsessed with them and all of your friends will want one. They are fun like dogs but sometimes rebellious like humans. They look at you and read your mind. They are curious about everything and will kill for basil or parsley. They are super soft and the way they eat is irresistible.


  1. they are quite

Bunnies don’t make noises. It can be dangerous because they hide pain quite well. If you hear a noise from a Bunny take him to the vets immediately. Bunny screaming can be deadly. But the good news is, your neighbours wont complain about barking or meowing or anything. They are just the nicest pets.


  1. Night owls.

Bunnies are most active in the morning and at night. If you are at work all day, they probably wont care. They will sleep underneath your bed or in some other dark space and greet you when you get home. Better have some basil bouquet when you get home.


  1. Extremely intelligent

You can teach them tricks and challenge them. My Pablo has not had IQ training but I have seen people do crazy stuff with bunnies, they will do anything for a treat. Just don’t overdo it, they are emotional little things after all.


6.Most places wont mind if you travel with a bunny.

I always bring my travelling cage with me. Pablo is always a free bunny , but I respect peoples apartments and holiday homes and always bring a cage with me just in case. Pablo doesn’t eat cables or things, but he is a rabbit and they like to chew on things, especially if they don’t belong to them. Most people feel more comfortable if you say they will be in a cage when unsupervised.


  1. They fall in love

Lots of bunnies like to have companions. As a matter a fact apparently they behave better. Female is always the dominant one, and they like to sleep together, eat together and everything. You could leave them alone for a week and they wouldn’t notice. I don’t have another bunny but I have a little kitten and I have never seen Pablo so excited about anything.


  1. They are yours and no one can have them

Bunny love is funny. I can’t explain it, when you look at them you just feel like they are a part of you. It’s so different from a dog or a cat because bunnies are like little humans. You think your bunny is the cutest, the smartest, the prettiest 😀 everything!




One last thing. Before you buy a bunny, try to adopt first. There are many unwanted bunnies looking for their human 😀




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