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Things I do to relax :)


Everyday can be quite annoying. Wether you are a student, a mom or working full time. For me it’s really hard to concentrate and stay focused so I get more tired than other people quicker. For example I wake up at 8 and go to sleep at 22 h  Charles for example goes to sleep at 2am and wakes up at 6am. I could not do it. So in daily life , since I am not a person who naps in the afternoon, I need to be creative and relaxed.


So here are a couple ideas that I practice to stay relaxed.


Colouring book for adults.


I recently stumbled upon this in a book store. Even though you are all grown up, everyone likes to colour, unless they can draw. I really cannot draw. So purchasing one of these is not a bad idea.





Wreck this journal.


When this came out I felt like it was made for me. Unfortunately I was in a bad stage of my life so my creativity was very low, but this is such a fun thing to have to get your mind off things. You can order yours on Amazon or even ebay



Outfit planning


I must admit I am not really a planner, and my outfits are made in the last second. But once, not long ago, I had a specific part of my closet just for planned outfits. Different ones for different needs that I made and put on the side, in case I need them or am in a hurry.


Writing a diary


I have been writing diary’s since I was 8. Sure there have been times when I didn’t but it is such a great way of keeping your inner thoughts and feelings together, and reminding yourself how you handled certain situations. I have the luxury to have known my mentality and actions throughout the year, so I have learned a lot from myself. Meaning I never repeated the same mistake. I believe it also helped me express and understand other people more. I would highly recommend writing one or making a scrapbook.


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A nice Bath or some ‘you time’’


I know some people don’t have a bath at home, but it doesn’t have to be a bath. It can be a little bit of you time. Give yourself a manicure, put on somebody lotion, rub some olive oil in to your hair , and just feel like you are important. I rarely do it, but I do appreciate it.

Had the best massage ever. Thank you ladies ❤️ #suncanihvarhotels @amfora_hotel_hvar @pharoshvar #travelblogger #travelblog #travel #lifestyleblog #hvar

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Learn a new language


I love languages but I must admit I am very bad at keeping up. Currently I am learning Russian on an app called Babbel. It is an app on your phone and desktop that teaches you languages immersively like you learned yours and it is not expensive at all. Give it a try.

Here is a link 



Try to cook


I say try because I am not very good at it but it relaxes me because I have no idea what I am doing and it is fun. Unfortunately after all off that fun you will probably not be hungry.

First time I ever ate #eggsbenedict ? feeling like a tourist. Good morning everyone!!! #morning #breakfast #london #uk #food

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Plan a menu and a grocery list


If you know how to cook or at least want to learn, plan a whole week menu and write down the groceries and ingredients  Make it more fun, by using It’s my favourite website to save what I already have. You just type in the ingredients you have at home and it gives you recipes. Really cool.




I can’t control mine. My mind goes into different places. Sometimes I find myself making up movie scripts while people are talking to me. My friends and family tell me I am rude because I am not listening to them but it is not on purpose. I did notice that my daydreaming helped me stay positive and achieve my goals. I do believe in dreams and if you can think it you can do it. Be a kid, daydream, imagine things, pretend… why not?




Go for a walk


I don’t like going for a walk unless I have a reason so I like to window shop. I go to the city and I forget why. I just walk around the shops and look whats in the windows. My favourite shops are of course stationery shops with notebooks and pens. I don’t know why, but I loveeeeee notebooks and pens. I just want to write something on those blank white pages. Not a bad idea, write something stupid 



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