Pharos Bayhill hotel in Hvar- Affordable Luxury


I have to start by saying Pharos Bayhill hotel was a great choice. It was just recently refurbed and I went there to see it for myself. This hotel was built in 1960s and it was old and tired, but they have changed it up completely to give it a more modern vibe.



Reminds a little bit of Radisson Red that I stayed in Belgium. Even though Pharos is only a three star hotel, it is good to mention there are no five star hotels in Hvar at all, so these three starts are actually four. I was a bit sceptical when I was looking at the three star thing, but I will admit I was very pleasantly surprised.

Why Pharos is such a great choice? Because it is in the heart of the city, and the prices are very affordable for everyone. At this stage prices vary from £30 to £110 which is an exceptional price for great service. Obviously in high peek season prices will probably go up to £200 per night, which is why booking in advance is great or at least last minute booking when you arrive to the hotel, if it is not full.


Things you should know about Pharos bayhill hotel


Rooms are not very big, they are a very nice size but don’t expect too much space, after all you are here for a summer vacation and you are not supposed to be in your room.






Hotel has a pool area where you can lounge and sip on some cocktails. It does not have bar snacks however, which is a bit of a let down, but that just me being a snob. Forgive my snobiness 🙂




It is 5 minutes away from everything, in the woods and it is very quite with a lovely view over the sea. To the right of the hotel is another hotel resort with a very nice luxury beach club called Bonj les bains , but I will write a separate post on that, and on the left, just 5 minutes down (if not less) is the centre of the town.

It has two different bars, one outside and one inside. Also it has different lounging areas around the grounds as well as dining area.





Hotel provides you with shuttle service, and you can buy tickets for catamaran at the reception. Hotel also provides private boat tours and anything else you can possibly want, just ask. I took the speed boat from Hvar all the way to Split airport 🙂

It caters to the millennials and young professionals but I have seen bigger groups of elderly people as well. I would say Pharos Bayhill hotel is somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to audience, because it is very suitable for couples, friends, groups or families.

All in all I would say Pharos bayhill hotel on island HvaHvar is amazing. Worth every penny and you hsould check it out.

You can book your stay at Pharos Bayhill Hotel Hvar right over here


And my adventures are coming up in new posts 🙂 Stay tuned





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